Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 55: Victory

After a really good weekend spent, now I'm back to business, although work is a little bit light these past two days. We only had few discussions in class and the rest were just knowledge check activities. We had games earlier too (product-related, of course) and it's safe to say, which means I'm bragging a little, that we buried our opponents alive, TWICE! We were the underdog at first but we still won in the end. And for me, that is the sweetest kind of victory.

After work, I was supposed to go with my friends and eat out somewhere but they changed their mind the last minute and so I ended up getting a take-out dinner which I ate at home. Speaking of dinner, I haven't been practising good eating habits the past few days so I decided to revert back to the usual eating pattern that's considered healthy. From now on, I'll try to eat breakfast everyday and cut down carbs from my diet (one rice per day only). I'm not too sure how long I could go on with this but it's worth a try.

In a few days, we'll be taking calls again so I'm just relishing the light workload for the moment. Let's just hope I do good on the floor to prevent any forms of discouragement and negative vibes. Crossing fingers x

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