Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 26: Series of Unfortunate Events

Touchdown Cebu! The boat arrived really early today (around 4 in th morning, by usual is around 6), which is good since it departed an hour late. Yes, usually a boat ride from CDO to Cebu takes around 8 hours so a plane ride would be much more convenient since it's only less than half an hour but I'm in no hurry. Plus it's more expensive and the airport in Cebu is a little far away from my home that I would have to ride a cab and I can't afford to spend any more of my meager savings for that. So a boat ride for me was a no brainer.

My trip last night was a series of unfortunate events and it comes in three, they always say. And boy were they right. First, my carry-on bag malfunctioned while I was checking myself in. The handle which made it easier for me to carry snapped so I had to hug it with two arms for me to be able to carry it. How convenient! Second, when I reached my assigned bed which was in the lower deck (the way I liked it), someone already occupied it with complete beddings like they own it. And the worst part is, the occupant was not there so I had to settle my things in the upper deck. I waited for a while just in case they'd come back but no one came until I've already made up my bed. And the sad part was, she was an old lady and she can't possibly get up and down in the upper deck so I had to give up my bed for her. The third one happened when I woke up to brush my teeth. Just when I was about to finish, the water from the faucet stopped running. How am i supposed to wash all the foam in my mouth and toothbrush without any water?! I had to fugging spit everything out and wipe myself with a paper towel. And after I was done and the person next to me opened the faucet, the water was running back again. i was like, 'really?! really now'.

When I arrived at the house, I still had a lot of time to unpack and fix my things before I shower and go for a walk-in interview, which was my initial plan. But i moved it early in the afternoon since I got too lazy. So after I took my lunch, I printed my resume and went to the building where I was supposed to get interviewed. But guess what? I just walked right past it. Yes, you read it right. I got too scared and apprehensive that I just walked right past it without even getting inside. And then I went home. I got so frustrated and disappointed with myself, I think i'm getting depressed by the minute.

I just read through the rest of the afternoon and decided to become unproductive. I promised myself I would try again tomorrow morning. I even set up my alarm so that I can have an early jog before I go to my interview. Let's just hope I won't chicken out this time.

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