Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 42: Newbie Again

I'm already getting the hang of getting up early and going to work everyday. Although it still takes a while before I'm separated from my bed, at least now I don't curse as much as before.haha. kidding!

I take back what I said yesterday that it was one of the most productive day I've had in training. Truth be told, today was one helluva day! First, our seating arrangement was changed so I was forced to sit beside someone I was not really comfortable with. And then when we started practicing the navigation of tools, my PC would not cooperate and it just keeps on loading so I got way behind others. And then I felt really guilty because the new seat mates that I had were the one who helped me all throughout. Reminder to self: Be friendly and be more open to changes.

After the first half, we were sent to lunch and surprisingly, I saw one of my teammates before. She sat next to me and we updated each other on what happened when she left. I also met her new boyfriend and we kept laughing about the previous relationships that she had(sans the boyfie of course). I even had to stay for a while just to chat with her. After lunch, we did more practice and then we barged again to listen to some of the calls by tenured agents.

While I was listening to some of the calls, I remembered when I was the tenured agent before and trainees would barge in on my call just like what I'm doing now. I felt so good then having to teach newbies and guiding them on their calls. I just hope I get to learn faster this time and I hope I do well with my metrics. I've already set up a goal for myself by the end of the year and I pray I get to meet those goals.

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