Saturday, December 31, 2011

Three in One

What better to start the year than with an outfit post. Well actually, the outfit (or should I say outfits?) that I'm wearing is just a large cloth I found on the closet. I immediately fell in love with the print of this fabric when I first saw it and I was actually supposed to take it to the tailor to make it into a dress but I never found the time for it (or tinatamad lang.haha )

What I actually wore on the first day of the year was not blog worthy so I toyed around with this fabric and made myself three outfits instead. Take a look at what I did with it.

1. Maxi Dress

I just draped it around my body and tied it on the side. Then I added the red belt for a solid color in contrast with the busy print. This is definitely something I could use on formal events and if I get the belt out, I could also use it on the beach for the summer. Talk about double purpose! 

2. Grecian Inspired

The second look I came up with is something I could wear going out with my friends. I just folded the cloth and tied it near the shoulder area and et voila, a very sophisticated and fancy dress! 

3. Micro Mini Dress (aka The Hoochie Dress)

Okay, this last one is totally not me.haha. For this one, I folded the cloth into half and just left the rest of it draped on the side. I call this one the Hoochie Dress, something that only people like Miranda Kerr can pull off without looking tacky.haha. 

I apologize for the appearance of those slippers at the back.haha

I wore everything with a bangle from What a Girl Wants and a ring from Aizilym. The shoes I'm wearing is still from Spruce, the same one I wore HERE last Sunday. I especially love how it looks so sexy on any feet and it really elongates the legs.

So, which look wins for you? I'd love to hear what you think!


Inspiration for the New Year

This will be my last post for the year. And because this amazing author has been my inspiration since I read The Alchemist, I'm gonna share to you one of his works. I hope this will all be a reminder to everyone who are looking for directions in life or even to someone who thinks he is already on the right path. 

Here is Paulo Coelho's manual for Conserving Paths:
1] The path begins with a crossroads. There you can stop and think what direction to follow. But don’t spend too much time thinking or you’ll never leave the spot. Once you have taken the first step, forget the crossroads forever or you will always torture yourself with the useless question: “did I take the right path?”
2] The path doesn’t last for ever. It is a blessing to travel the path for some time, but one day it will come to an end, so always be prepared to leave it at any moment. Don’t get too used to anything. Neither to the hours of euphoria, nor to the endless days when everything seems so difficult and progress is so slow. Don’t forget that sooner or later an angel will appear and your journey will reach an end.
3] Honor your path. It was your choice, your decision, and just as you respect the ground you step on, that ground will respect your feet. Always do what is best to conserve and keep your path and it will do the same for you.
4] Be well equipped. Carry a small rake, a spade, a penknife. Understand that penknives are no use for dry leaves, and rakes are useless for herbs that are deep-rooted. Know also what tool to use at each moment.
5] The path goes forward and backward. At times you have to go back because something was lost, or else a message to be delivered was forgotten in your pocket. A well tended path enables you to go back without any great problems.
6] Take care of the path before you take care of what is around you. Don’t be distracted by the dry leaves at the edges or by the way that others are looking after their paths. Use your energy to tend and conserve the ground that accepts your steps.
7] Be patient. Sometimes the same tasks have to be repeated, like tearing up weeds or closing holes that appear after unexpected rain. Don’t let that annoy you – that is part of the journey.
8] Paths cross. People can tell what the weather is like. Listen to advice, and make your own decisions. You alone are responsible for the path that was entrusted to you.
9] Nature follows its own rules. In this way, you have to be prepared for sudden changes in the fall, slippery ice in winter, the temptations of flowers in spring, thirst and showers in the summer. Make the most of each of these seasons, and don’t complain about their characteristics.
10] Make your path a mirror of yourself. By no means let yourself be influenced by the way that others care for their paths. You have your soul to listen to, and the birds to tell what your soul is saying. Let your stories be beautiful and pleasant to everything around you. Above all, let the stories that your soul tells during the journey be echoed at each and every second of the path.
11] Love your path. And may the Lord guide you and help you every single day in 2012
May we all start on the right path as we start the new year.   Again, happy new year everyone!

Peaches on Top

While I was browsing through the Internet, I stumbled upon this online store who sells different kinds of accessories. And if you have been reading my blog, you would know how much I love accessories. Peaches on Top by Ms. Phylicia Pineda offers not only accessories but really cute dresses too.


I totally flipped when I saw the cutest statement and connector rings. I've been trying to have a collection of rings for some time now and I don't have any same design of their collection yet. All so unique.





Aside from accessories, they also have shoes and bags to die for. Everything that a girl could possibly want is already here and sold at a very affordable price. I swear, I loved everything on their site. I know you'll love it too.

Come visit their online shop here: and also on multiply here:


Out with the Old, In with the New

In a few hours, 2011 will bid goodbye and another year will be taking over. There are a lot of things on my mind right now and I don't even know where to start.  This year has been a roller coaster for me and although it has been mostly tough, I still thank God that I made it through and is still given the chance to start new again in the coming year.

Found this on Tumblr. I just had to post it.haha

There has been a lot of highs and a lot more lows than I ever imagined. There has been a lot of missed opportunities, more than dozens of lazy days and hundreds of uncertainties that came along my way. I was always on the verge of fear every time I make decisions no matter how minute it was. I was always on the safe side. But, with every blow that comes along my way, I'm always surprised with the way God pulls me back.

Despite everything, I'm still very thankful for the year that has been. All the mistakes I made have taught me a lesson that I will forever remember. And God has never failed to provide me with blessings and I will always be thankful for that.
The year ahead is even more uncertain for me. But this time, I will do better. I know I will.

Happy New Year everyone. Let's all start it right! See you all next year!haha


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zenj Holiday Giveaway-Closed

As I have mentioned in my last post, Zenj has decided to have a giveaway in celebration of the Holiday Season. Remember how I mentioned they are selling the most amazing and unique accessories? Well, guess what? Yes, they are giving away this neck piece to one luck reader.

Simply follow these steps for a chance to win:
2. Follow me through Google Friend Connect found out the right side of this page
3. Follow me on twitter HERE.
4. Share this giveaway in your Facebook Wall tagging @Zenj. Make sure to make this public so we can view and verify it.
5. Share this giveaway in Twitter tagging @_biang_ and make the post public.
6. Comment below and post your Twitter name, e-mail add and your Facebook name.


  • This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.
  • This giveaway will be only until January 5, 2012 at 11:00pm.
  • Winner will be chosen via
  • The winner will be announced on January 5, 2012 and will be notified via Email, FB message and Twitter post.
Good luck everyone!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Our friends from Cebu have organized something to help the victims of Sendong and they are doing a Shop foir Charity event today, December 29 at StartingPoint Restobar-Kartzone at 8pm. Fashion Bloggers like Eden Villarba and Vanessa East will be selling some of their stuff all at a very low price. So, if you are in Cebu right now, pay them a visit and shop for a cause.

SM Supermalls also started their End of Season Sale last December 26. Selected items are on sale so hurry and shop now!

Accessorize is still having their Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo on their jewellery and some selected items. It ends on December 31 so you still have time to shop if you are not yet done with your holiday shopping.

A lot more stores are having their sale in SM Supermalls and they are selling some items at a very low price. Go and Check them out now!


ZENJ Online

 For shopaholics like me(yes, i admit that.haha ), we always thrive for easy and convenient ways to shop. And because of the latest technologies, online shopping has been made possible. 

Zenj is an online store that caters to every fashionista out there. They pride themselves of not only selling stylish clothes but also of different kinds of jewelries and designer bags.  Owned by the Foronda sisters, they make sure that every piece is of good quality and sold at a very affordable price. 

 The owners are also fashionistas themselves so you'd know that they really can deliver up-to-date fashion pieces. Some of their accessories are also very unique so you won't be worried that you would be wearing the same as others. Here are some of the things you can find in their shop.

They also have authentic Bath and Body Works Antibac which is so cool because they have it in your own zodiac signs and you get to pick the holder. How cool is that? I got mine in Cancer and in my favorite color, violet.haha

I'm sure many of you are not yet done with your Holiday Shopping or maybe some of you want something new for New Year, Zenj is the way to go.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit their online store here. And you can also find them on Multiply

And since, Zenj is my very first partner, we are thinking of a giveaway for all my readers so, stay tuned!


Monday, December 26, 2011

The Scene Stealer

Yesterday, while I was browsing through some blogs, I came upon the blog Etallasa of Rhea from my hometown of Cagayan de Oro City. I was reading her entries when I found out that she was doing interviews with famous people from the fashion world. I was really amazed with how she did it that I thought of doing something like it on my blog.

The first person that I wanted to feature on my blog is Ms. Lissa Kahayon. She is one of the top fashion bloggers in the Philippines along with Ms. Kryz Uy, Ms. Camille Co, and many others. Dubbed as the Scene Stealer, as her blog is entitled, she really exudes a unique personality that everybody loves. 

Here is the short but very informative Q&A with her:

1. Who is Lissa Kahayon? 

I'm an entreprenuer, freelance stylist and a fashion blogger. I graduated with honors last year from DLSU Manila with a degree of Behavioral Science. My first job was an assistant to Fashion Stylist, Liz Uy.

2. When and how did you start blogging?

I started 3 and a half years ago thru fashion site, Chictopia. I started Scene Stealer last May 2011. 

3. What is your greatest achievement so far? 
Graduating with honors and being able to work for Liz Uy. It was an incredible experience. 

4. Who would you be or what would you be doing in 10 years?

I'll be 32 by that time so hopefully, I'm happily married and still doing something related to fashion.

5. What is your greatest dream [no boundaries]?

Have my own store and I really really want to be able to give back to my friends and family. To be able to say to my parents that there's no need for them to work anymore because I can already provide and take care of everything.

6. Tell us something we don't know about you yet.

My childhood friends used to teased me that one day, I'll be a nun. I was so active in Church activities and I read the bible every single day.

7. What irritates you the most?

People who have no sense of time, waiting can really tick me off.

8. Who inspires you everyday?

My family and friends, the things I see around me, my fellow bloggers.

9. Do you consider yourself famous? Why or why not?

Not really. I'm just really grateful that there are people who appreciates the things that I love to do.

10. What advice can you give to your readers or fans?

Live your dream, it's not easy and it will take time but as long as you continue doing what you're doing and if you have a good attitude, nothing is impossible.

It's really an honor to be able to feature a very dynamic fashion icon such as Ms. Lissa Kahayon. She is such an inspiration to a lot of people and we'll definitely be seeing more of her in the future.

Shop at her online store:
follow her on TWITTER:
Visit her BLOG:

You can also visit Etallasa's blog right here


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Accessorize your way through the Holidays

Over a week ago, I was able to drop by Accessorize in their branch in SM Cagayan de Oro. I wasn't supposed to go inside but they were having a massive sale and a Buy 1 Take 1 promo so I just had to check it out. And my, I almost went gaga and I wanted to bring everything home.haha

When I asked Desiree(I hope I spelled her name right), an attendant there if I could take some pictures for my blog, she positively said yes and even told me about their upcoming contests not only for the bloggers but to their lovely customers as well. And if you are still in a mood for holiday shopping, it's not yet too late to visit their store now.

Here are some of the photos I took that day:

They have almost anything of everything.

Really gorgeous scarves, especially those floral ones.

Bags to die for!

You can never go wrong with those glittery flats.

They have almost everything half the price when I visited.

Lovely unique accessories were on display, I had a hard time choosing.

Different kinds of headpieces were on display too.

Bags Galore!

Are you ready for summer?haha
Accessorize really offers all kinds of accessories at a fair price and you can't go home empty-handed. I am so thankful to all the attendants, they were very nice to me all throughout. I'm gonna update you soon on their upcoming contests. Meanwhile, Accessorize is located at the Entrance 3 Gallery, Ground Level of SM City Cagayan de Oro.

You can also visit their website here and their Facebook page here for more information.

Happy Shopping everyone!