Saturday, February 18, 2012

NYFW 2012: Monique Lhuillier

Just dropping by to post some of Monique Lhuillier's work of art during the New York Fashion Week. I must admit, this is the first time that I saw her fashion show and without any hint of being bias, she really does make the most intricate and classy designs. Darker hues were apparent in the runway all throughout and I especially loved all the bloody red, figure-hugging orgasmic frocks.

There were a lot of talents showcased during the NYFW and Monique's collection was one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing more of these creations strutting down the red carpet worn by the likes of Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone and Natalie Portman.

Tell me what you think about this collection. Is it a yey or a nay for you?



Friday, February 17, 2012

Of milk teas and Jane Eyre

 This is one of those days when a refreshing cold milk tea is just the perfect company to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. It's been awfully gloomy the past few days that I decided to take advantage of it and have some "me" time.  Since I have always wanted to try out Nai Cha, I thought this was the perfect place to start it off. 

A brief Intro and Bacground (taken from their Facebook page):


We have recreated traditional tea into creative mixes that appeals to the modern, adventurous and young at heart. As such, we give you more options to personalize your own drink! You can choose from the vast array of tea beverages from our menu, your desired sweetness level and the type of chewies you crave for.

Not only that, we only use tea leaves with ALL-NATURAL FLAVORS. This is in line with our commitment to only serve HEALTHY and GUILT-FREE beverages for everyone's enjoyment.

It's my first time to drink milk tea ever and my verdict: PASSED with flying colors. I tried out their Wintermelon Milk Tea as was the personal favorite of Charles Xavier and also due to my apparent curiosity. I went all the way 100% and honestly, I actually prefer it over caffeine. And I repeat, it's a 'personal preference', before all coffee lovers throw their books at me. haha. 

I'm not so sure if they have branches outside Cagayan de Oro but if you happen to be in CDO, you can grab your Nai Chas at Vista del Rio Bldg., Patag Road, Cdo and at Level 2 Robinsons. You can also check out and like their Facebook page HERE.

So at the end of the day, I was a happy customer. Apparently, so was Charlotte Bronte.haha


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Angels in the sick room

When I opened my Facebook account awhile ago, my feed was bombarded with a lot of congratulatory messages from my friends to the new breed of registered nurses. And then I realized it's been roughly a year since I was on that spot and it seems like time was such in a hurry that I didn't notice it has been that long already. 

Which led me to this post. As I tried to remember that time when the results for our batch came out, I felt that I wasn't totally happy that I passed, I was just thankful that I didn't fail. I guess it's not a surprise since nursing isn't really in my blood (at least that's what I believe in). But don't get me wrong. I couldn't be more thankful for all the blessings and guidance that God has endowed me during my nursing years. It's just that, I wasn't really happy with it. Period.

And now when they ask me why I'm not practicing my profession, I have a hard time answering them because sometimes people just don't understand. Plus, I don't think I'm supposed to explain myself and my decisions to people who have already conditioned their minds that I just wasted my parents' college investment for me. It's hard to explain that there's something else tugging on my heart which is hard to ignore. And it's definitely not Florence Nightingale. Am I even making sense?hahaha.

But negativity aside, I sincerely wish all the new RN's happiness in their chosen field. I will continue to pray that the government will finally give justice and priority to the health sector, especially the bloodline of it which are mostly nurses. 

It's gonna be a challenge finding a rewarding job as a nurse here in the Philippines (believe me, been there, done that) but do not be fazed 'coz if you truly love what you're doing, God will reward your efforts. To those who didn't pass, it's not yet the end of the world, believe me. You'll never know where that will lead you. But one thing is for sure, wallowing will not help you.

But for those who will feel a different tug on their hearts like I did, do not be afraid to take the road less traveled. College did not only prepare us for our profession, college prepared us for LIFE. chos! 

P.S. Congratulations to all passers! 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I admit, I haven't been 'living my life to the fullest' as what others would call it. Whenever something tragic or sad would happen, I usually turn to food instead of booze. Okay, this is the only time I would allow you to call me boring  (and only ONCE! haha). But when I think about it, we all have different coping mechanisms and I happen to move on faster if I binge eat or when I write about it than waking up with a hangover the next day.

But what happened last week was beyond my threshold that I decided to try the latter type. I will not bore you with the details of what happened but it was one of the most depressing moments of my life. And after hearing the awful news a little over midnight, I knew it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone. So I decided to go out with my new found friends and we drank till the wee hours of the morning(to my friends who will be reading this, it's hard to believe but yes, it's true.haha). 

Although I swore that I would never do it again after a very painful headache that woke me up the next morning, I was kinda' happy that I did it. I was always so close-minded and judgmental to these kind of people but after what happened, I learned that what comfort binge eating gives me, that's also the comfort they get when they drink and party. I cannot blame them 'coz it really does make you forget your problems for a while.

It was my first time to get drunk and I can't promise it'll be my last but I realized that although drinking and partying will let you forget your problems temporarily, the problem will still be there the next day if you won't face it. Plus, a pretty bad hangover after is another problem.hahaha. Meanwhile, I'll stick with eating and writing for now.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Best of Grammy's

 Because of some unfortunate reasons, I wasn't able to watch the Grammy's live on television so I had to content myself with the Internet. 

Here are some of my favorite Red Carpet looks:

TAYLOR SWIFT in Zuhair Murad


CARRIE UNDERWOOD in Gomez-Gracia gown

RIHANNA in Giorgio Armani


 PARIS HILTON in Basil Soda


 KATE BECKINSALE in Zuhair Murad

 KATY PERRY in my love, Elie Saab

And my other love, ADAM LEVINE with equally gorgeous VS model Anne V

I especially loved Taylor Swift's and Rihanna's gowns. Although the two of them wore totally opposing styles but it definitely represented each one's personality. Katy Perry looked stunning but I loved that Elie Saab creation on the runway better. And Kelly Osbourne's hair was unusual but I think it suits her look well. Kate Beckinsale wasn't a disappointment either.

So, who's your top pick?


Calendar Girls

12 of the top Victoria’s Secret angels shot in a calendar editorial for V Man, styled by Carine Roitfeld. 

I actually saw this one from Ms. Divine Lee's blog and I just had to share it. So here you go GUYS! Everyone was styled as flowers, perfect for Valentine's Day!


February - JOAN SMALLS








October - ANNE V

November - CHANEL IMAN

And here I am thinking how girls like them exist, it's just not fair!haha.


Valentine's Day

In line with Valentine's Day, here is a story I read from Naihma of Life is just a step away. No,I will not say it's a love story 'coz it's far too early to conclude that. And it's definitely not the usual story that I get 'kilig' over. But maybe it's the way the story was told that i can't help but smile and feel like all highschooler again. haha

It's quite long though so if you're not the the patient-enough-to-read-a-long-story type then you might as well scoot along. :D

((a little Cherik fic for Valentine's day where Charles is an O. R. nurse and Erik is a surgeon))

It was just another ordinary day for one Charles Xavier, or so it seemed. He had scrubbed-in in two herniorraphy cases that morning and just one more minor operation in the afternoon. Things were looking great, it seemed that he could get home early and maybe make some real dinner for himself, read a book and finally doze off earlier than what he’s used to. However, when he walked down the halls towards the Operating Room theatre, he could not shake the feeling that something was rather amiss and he swears that what he ate just minutes ago would put up a second appearance. He was feeling a little bit nervous and he haven’t got the foggiest why. He went quickly to the dressing room, changed into his scrubs and crocs and went to the O. R. lobby where he was met with Raven writing something on the schedule board.

“Hey, I’m back from my break!”

Raven did not even budge, so he asked, “Is there something wrong with the schedule?”

Now, Raven finally looked at him, with the tip of the covered whiteboard pen settling just under her chin and shook her head. “Nothing, but you might want to see this.”

Charles swiftly walked over to where Raven was and settled right behind her. When he saw what she wrote on the board, he nearly choked on his own spit. “Wha—When the bloody hell did this happen?”
With that reaction, Raven actually chuckled and turned to stand up beside him. She then placed her right hand over Charles’ right shoulder, faced him with a sly grin on her lips.

“Moira just told me minutes ago that there has been a slight change in the schedule and tomorrow’s thyroidectomy will be pushed today instead. Don’t worry, Charlie darling, I will be there standing right behind you as your Circulating Nurse and I’ll make sure you won’t make a fool of yourself.”
With that last least comforting message hanging on the air, she gestured towards Charles (who was still blankly staring at the board) and departed with a mock salute.

1 PM: Thyroidectomy; O. R. Table no. 1
Patient: Grey, Jean; 25 y. o.
Surgeon: Dr. Erik Lehnsherr
Anesthesiologist: Dr. Sean Cassidy
Scrub Nurse: Charles Xavier
Circulating Nurse: Raven Darkholme

Meanwhile, Charles (bless his soul) could not understand where he went wrong with today or maybe with his whole life. So far, he knows that he has been a good- nay- excellent O. R. nurse for the past two years that he has worked under one Moira McTaggert’s supervision. But, oh, he knows he’s still lying to himself. The first time he met Dr. Erik Lehnsherr was almost a year ago and right before he even met the man, he has heard rumours about his demeanor towards his colleagues. He can still hear the testimonials given by his friends in his head about the man running around his head like a tornado.

Moira McTaggert, O. R. Superviser: “Doctor Lehnsherr is a wonderful surgeon, kind of aloof but his level of dedication towards his work is just astounding.”
Raven Darkholme, O. R. Nurse: “Hot. Just hot. He has these beautiful green eyes that just give me all the awkward ladyboners. Strange, though, I haven’t seen his hair ever. He always wears a bonnet in the O. R. And he doesn’t take it off even in the theatre or in the lobby. I tried flirting with him once, it didn’t work out and trust me, you don’t want to know what happened.”
Dr. Sean Cassidy, Anesthesiologist: “Oh, Lehnsherr. The guy. The man. I heard some girl who was also his scrub nurse at that time tried to flirt with him while they were having a minor surgery, Lehnsherr ‘accidentally’ aimed the cautery wand in the poor scrub nurse’s gloved hand. She had to scrub out after that. Thankfully her hand did not get burned.”
Alex Summers, Surgical Ward Nurse: “Lehnsherr? Doctor Lehnsherr, you say? Let’s see... Unlike other doctors who have hieroglyphic penmanships, he actually writes legibly but he seldom gives orders verbally. Doesn’t talk much.”
Dr. Armando Mu├▒oz, Resident Doctor: Surgical Ward: “We actually had a few classes together in our first year in med school. He’s really smart but he keeps to himself most of the time. I don’t even know if he has a girlfriend. But, when you get to know him he’s actually really good company.”
From the information he gathered, he could deduce that Dr. Erik Lehnsherr is not actually unpleasant but the air of seriousness and constant vigilance surrounding him should always be acknowledged. When he first met this enigmatic surgeon, Charles could not even begin to describe what he was looking at. His first scheduled operation with Lehnsherr was a Modified Radical Mastectomy that had the early on-call of eight in the morning. Charles decided to come in earlier to have everything prepared before Lehnsherr even arrived in the premises. He was very much confident that day, at least he could show this particular formidable surgeon the competent man that he is. However when he reached the O. R. dressing room he was greeted with the vision of a tall man, with dark ginger hair and eyes so green Charles almost got lost in this doctor’s stern stare. It took a few more seconds for Charles to come down from Valhalla to earth and realize that this man is definitely Dr. Lehnsherr. The man was an hour and a half early. Wow. Don’t people sleep anymore? Raven was wrong, this man was not hot, this man was gorgeous and all things beautiful.
Charles, knowing the awkward position they were in, fidgeted and finally broke the silence.
“Uhm, good morning Dr. Lehnsherr.”

Lehnsherr, in perfect mint green scrubs and white crocs, raised both his brows and simply nodded in response to the greeting. Charles had really no idea what to say next, so he fidgeted more.

“I assume you’ll be part of my team this morning?” Lehnsherr’s inquiry hung in the air while Charles changed into his scrubs.

After the mundane ordeal of changing clothes, Charles replied, “Yes, Doc” and raised his right hand forward gesturing a handshake. “I’m Charles Xavier, your scrub nurse this morning”. Erik firmly shook his hand. Charles was pretty sure that that was the moment he realized he was infatuated and it hit him hard. After the introductions, Charles proceeded on readying everything for the operation- the necessary tools and things needed taken out from the autoclave, the operating table in perfect shape, the cautery and the suction machines functioning and all the others that were required for the upcoming MRM operation. While doing his scrubbing, Charles could not shake off the warm feeling in his chest towards Lehnsherr, he was sure he was developing a crush for the handsome doctor but the question was, was he even gay?

Even though Charles was thoroughly prepared for the operation, luck apparently was not on his side at that time. In the middle of the operation things started to run to a rather ill-fated course:

·         First, he discovered that he was missing some retractors and forceps in the sterile table, so an orderly had to sterilize newly washed ones before they could proceed which took them quite some time. He tried his best not to look at Lehnsherr because he was afraid that his eyes would look disappointed, so he never really knew how the doctor felt about the minor delay.

·         Second, Lenhsherr asked if he could change the blade of the scalpel since it was beginning to turn blunt. It was an easy task and it didn’t really require much expertise for Charles to do it but when he tried to remove the blade with a forcep, it wouldn’t even retract itself. It took a few more tries before the blade surrendered and was snapped in two. He was deeply embarrassed with himself.

·         Third, when it was finally time to close the incision, Lehnsherr asked for a plain surgical gut suture. Now, Charles has no idea how he made a fool of himself with this simple, easy-peasy request but when he asked Raven for the requested suture through a subtle murmur in her ear, he said “Doc needs a chromic surgical gut”. When Lehnsherr spotted the mistake, he did not look disappointed or dismayed, he just looked at Charles with his squinted eyes. Charles was not sure if he was glaring or if he was smiling. But a rooky mistake like that wouldn’t really deserve a smile. A glare, it was.

That was a year ago and Charles now swears that he will not allow himself to be embarrassed anymore. And anyhow, he even had around four or five more operations with Lehnsherr in between that horrendous performance and at present and no drastic mistakes were made in those times. He wouldn’t let an emergency thyroidectomy, with Lehnsherr as his surgeon, get him down. No, he will not allow it. And besides, if it is any consolation, Lehnsherr does not even talk much, his eyes do the talking for him. Oh right, it was worse than verbal murder. It’s not that he finds Lehnsherr repulsive that he detests seeing him, on the contrary he finds him rather breathtaking but seeing him and working with him always reminded him that he could instantly turn into a helpless, clumsy little buffoon with just a gaze from those green eyes. He wants to block them with a pair of shades so much. (Oh right, there is a huge possibility that Lehnsherr may look dead sexier with shades, damn!)

The emergency thyroidectomy with Lehnsherr, surprisingly, went splendidly. No accidental cauterization of the scrub nurse, no scrub outs, no misheard suture orders and a certain infatuated scrub nurse. Charles was at the top of his game. Before he even knew it, they were already closing up the incision. Then the sudden sound of Lehnsherr clearing up his throat brought Charles out of his focus with the closing suturing and looked up to meet Lehnsherr’s too-green gems.

“Do you like coffee, Mr. Xavier?”

Charles felt his whole body flush, thank all the gods that his sterile gown and his mask hid his rather embarrassing trait. He blinked twice before he realized there was a question for him to answer.

“Not really, Doc. I prefer Nai Cha over potent caffeine.” Charles still could not get over the fact that Lehnsherr is doing small talk with him.

Nai Cha? As in milk tea?” This man is amazing, he can do small talk with Charles and at the same time suture an incision with drop dead precision.

“Yes, I like milk tea a lot.”

“50 percent sweetness?”

“I go all the way, Doc. Only a hundred percent for me.”



“Well, from your choice in beverage, sweetness and flavour I could probably conclude that you have quite a sweet tooth Mr. Xavier.” Was that... no, Charles could be wrong but he’s quite sure that what he just saw on Lehnsherr’s face (to be honest, just his eyes) was a smile.

After the end of the whole operation, Lehnsherr was left to attend to the Patient’s chart with Raven and Charles had to prepare for the next operation. For a moment there, Charles actually had a conversation with his *ahem* crush. Even though it was far from flirtation, that single moment was enough for him to keep on daydreaming until the end of his second and last operation for the afternoon. At last, he thought, he could finally go home and be left with daydreams of finally having a longer conversation with his dear Erik. ‘Really, Charles? Your dear Erik? And when did you even start calling the man by his first name? You have got to get over your head’. He knew he was hopeless when the daydreaming starts.

It was quite a bit of a surprise for him when he stumbled in the O. R. Lobby, ready to go home, and found Dr. Lehnsherr looking gorgeous in just jeans, a white V-neck shirt and a pair gray chucks sitting in one of the love seats with two take-out Nai Chas in both his hands cradled by his lap.
“Dr. Lehnsherr, you’re still here!”

At that, Lehnsherr looked up from his blank gaze on the floor and actually smiled. Charles suddenly had the feeling that the ligaments holding his knees up were giving in.
“Please, call me Erik. And yes, I’m still here.” Lehnsherr, uhm, Erik stood up and walked towards Charles and handed him one of the Nai Chas with his right hand. Too flabbergasted, Charles could not do anything clever but stare and stare some more.

Realizing that Charles may have not taken the hint to take the Nai Cha, Erik shook it with his reaching hand. “Nai Cha, for you. Wintermelon, 100 percent.”

Charles was doing his best to fight back a whimper threatening to escape from his vocal box. God, he realized, he must look rather stupid now because he was just staring. Well, bloody-effing-hell. So, he straightened up and took the Nai Cha from Erik’s hand. Erik flashed him that toothy smile again. Huh, Erik had too much teeth, Charles realized. He could not escape the momentary daydream of having those teeth graze his neck, his jaw, his everything. ‘Charles, get a hold of yourself.’

“Uhm... wow... uhm.” Splendid! And now he was an incoherent, babbling mess. Just perfect, Xavier. You just lost your dignity right there. “Thank you, Doc- I mean Erik. This is really thoughtful of you.” He sipped and tasted the sweet goodness that is 100 percent wintermelon. When he looked up, he realized that Erik is still staring at him. Or his lips. Maybe his lips. No, definitely his lips.
“Mr. Xavier-“

“Oh please, do call me Charles.”

With that, Erik smiled again (what’s with all the smiles lately?) and straightened himself up, with all his six feet two inches self towering over Charles’ five feet seven inches figure. He definitely felt like a hobbit.

“As you wish, Charles.” Erik said with much emphasis on the Charles. He took a sip from his Nai Cha without even breaking his gaze over Charles. Charles was then made aware of how he was holding his Nai Cha with both hands like it was precious china, too fragile to be held with only one. Erik grinned while sipping and Charles grinned back. It was a well meaning give-and-take situation from then on.

Erik then swept his free hand over his hair and finally regained his voice. “Since coffee is definitely out of the question... Charles, I was wondering if you would like to have another Nai Cha with me sometime.”

Charles was slightly gaping and he was aware of that. Surprised as he was, he couldn’t really find the right words to say. It was a war between “Yes, sure”, “Alright” or “Of course! Then we can get married, have cute little adopted Chinese kids, maybe a Labrador pup or two, a house in the suburbs and a station wagon. Anything, really. Anything for you, Erik”. So much for maintaining composure.

Meanwhile, Erik took Charles’ momentary unresponsiveness for reprieve.

Charles was sure Erik was talking but could not hear what he was really saying because he was trying his best to catch Erik’s eyes because they were going everywhere except to the direction of Charles’ own gaze.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to, Charles, just because I am your surgeon and you are my nurse doesn’t really oblige you—“ God, he was blushing! His self-salvation speech was halted due to the fact that Charles’ index and middle fingers were subtly touching his lips. ‘Wow, Charles, you’re rather courageous today, talking to and touching Erik on the same day!’

“I would love to have one or more Nai Chas with you, Erik.” The smile that he was rewarded with possibly blinded him.

Not being able to resist, Charles then smiled back, took Erik’s free hand and stood beside him. He looked up and saw a glimpse of what could be an expression of surprise in Erik’s eyes.

“I’m actually on my way home, fancy a walk with me then maybe take-out dimsum in my apartment?”
Erik lit up and nodded.

Charles knew it was going to be more than just a walk and take-out dimsum. Maybe a little flirting, maybe little kisses here and there and maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t be as clumsy in bed with him as he is in the operating room.

Happy Valentine's day everyone! 


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mass Hysteria

Last Monday was one of the longest and most stressful, not to mention one of the scariest days of my life. And nothing beats having to experience it miles away from my family.

I arrived in Cebu early in the morning for my first day of work that day. And since I was scheduled to go to work mid afternoon, I decided to pass the time at SM Cebu on my own while finishing up all my requirements. I dined at KFC and it was just like a normal day with people minding their own businesses. Then at around 11:30 in the morning, I felt the ground shake. I thought I was hallucinating or was just too tired from the trip but then all the people started shouting and was already rushing outside of the mall. Of course, I tried to stay calm and tried not to run but then SM announced that everyone should all get out of the mall 'coz their might be another quake happening. I immediately gathered all my things and left the mall and headed home.

After that, there were a lot of aftershocks that occurred but it was of lesser magnitude. At around 2:30 in the afternoon, I was already at IT Park to prepare for my training but since it was still a little early, I decided to stay outside of the building and pass the time.And then after a few minutes, people started running and panicking. I was trying desperately to ask someone what was happening and then a man told me that there was a tsunami coming and water was already invading downtown and it was coming our way.

This time, a lot more people were coming out of the buildings and started running uptown. I didn't know what to do and I really panicked that I started running also while desperately trying to call my mom on the phone. But to no avail, the call wouldn't go through. I tried to ride a jeepney so that I could reach home faster but then the traffic was horrible that the jeepney didn't move and people were already crying on the streets. I decided to run home and was still trying to reach my mom and when the call went through, I started crying.

My mom told me to not panic and go home to get all my money and important documents then go to a place where there will be a lot of people. I stayed in front of a mall and then after around 30 minutes, some of the officials announced that everything was just false alarm and the tsunami warning was already lifted out. I couldn't have been more relieved. I thought I was gonna die alone in a place far away from my family. And to think, it was my first day in Cebu and my supposed to be first day of work. What a way to start, right? But because of the incident, our training was moved on the next day.

I called my mom again and she told me to just stay at home and they will try to update me as much as they can. There were still a lot of aftershocks that night that I thought I wouldn't be able to sleep. I just tried to pray and ask God for guidance and to keep us all safe all throughout. I swear, that was the most terrifying moments of my life.And during these times, God is the only one I could trust and depend on.

I'm terribly sorry for the long tale. I don't expect you to read all of it, I just has to share it and let it all out. I hope and pray that everyone would all be safe.


Monday, February 6, 2012

The Versatile Blogger

Yay! My first blogger award ever!

Thanks to Chi of the occassional musings for this award, considering I've only been blogging for a couple of months. The Wide-eyed Wondergirl is very much humbled.

So anyway, here are seven random facts about me:

1. I hate a messy and dirty floor. It's weird 'coz it doesn't really matter if my bed or my desk is disorganized or messy as long as the floor is spotless.haha

2. Long nails are not my thing. I have to cut my nails every week to keep it short.haha

3. I am trying my best to be independent but I cry almost every night due to being homesick.

4. Cockroaches should be extinct or non-existent at all. They scare the hell out of me.

5. More than anything, I love shoes. And If I had a million dollars right now, I would definitely be out shopping shoes.

6. I tend to forget things almost all of the time. Yah, I truly believe I have short-term memory loss.

7. I want to be a backpacker someday. Just be out in the world and do nothing but travel.

I hope I didn't freak you out with all those facts.haha. Now, I'll be passing this on to the blogs that I visit and stalk most of the time due to their pure awesomeness.

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This award has its rules, if you receive it you have to:

  • thank who sends you the award and add a link to her/his blog;
  • write 7 random things about you;
  • give the award to other 15 bloggers you love and tell them.
Now, pass this on and let's all spread the love. :D

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love Bug

I'm resuming my outfit post today since I'm back home. I had my sister all to myself and I badgered her all day to photograph me. haha. 

For my outfit, I had to use this sheer top with hearts all over it mainly because it's love month. Okay, that was such a lame reason. Mehe. I might not be able to put up an outfit post for this month so I figured this was my chance to pay homage to Valentine's Day.haha. 

Sheer top from Spruce
Custom-made skirt from sister's prom way way back.haha. And again, a very weird pose.
Thrifted Bag, Primadonna shoes

Belt from SM Accessories

Random earrings from my sister

Necklace gift from mom. See all the little hearts on my top?
I may never have a date on that day but at least I shared the love..or something.haha. 

On another note, I will be leaving again for Cebu tonight and I don't know why I'm on the verge of bawling my eyes out again. For the love of goldfish, how many times do I have to have a crying session? I knooow I'm such a crybaby. Let's all just hope for the best.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Prom Queen?

This time of the month brings back a lot of high school memories, that is, in specific, the much-awaited Prom. Back then, our outfits were not that bongga compared to the ones they are wearing now. Teenagers nowadays are already so fashyown.haha

So here are some 'prom-spirations' for those who will be having their proms this month:

WARNING: Photo-heavy, just because I had a hard time selecting.

For those going for a little demure effect.
The color pop goes well with the black bustier. Nakaka-sexy!
For the minimalist type. Klazz!
Dedma na if you get suspended because of showing too much cleavage.haha
Simple  lang but very sexy.
Go for bright colors para stand out!
Feeling royal and regal lang with this dress.
Emerald green + Uneven Hemline. Pak!
Hello? Sex appeal much? Bongga the highschooler with this body.haha
You can never go wrong with a shining shimmering number.
Dress your age nga daw. Cute lang!
Sans the sleeves, this would've been perfect!
For a more modern look, go for this!
This is one of my fave. Relax lang ang feel.
Fresh look with red lippy.
This one so BONGGA! Love it!
Peek-a-boo effect lang with the sheer center part.
PAKAK! Godess level lang ang peg.
THIS IS IT! My Top pick! Deadma na the black color but the design, so pretty! PERFECT!

I hope all of those helped you somehow. I'm sorry for my very becky captions. That is what usually happens when I get too excited. And when I read too much of Divine Lee's blog. haha

So, which one was your favorite?