Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 25: Today is the day

Happy Easter everyone! I feel a little guilty that i didn't get to witness the 'sugat' today. It's a Filipino tradition every Easter that an early mass will be held (like 3 or 4 in the morning) in honor of Jesus christ's resurrection. 'Sugat' in english translation means meeting and it's like an act of meeting Jesus on the day that he has risen. I told my mom I would want to go so she would have to wake me up early. Well, she did wake me up but the problem is, I slept very late I couldn't even get my eyes to open. pfft

Since me and my sisters were not able to go to mass, we had to go in the afternoon. Typically, our village holds a mass every 4 in the afternoon. After dressing up, we went there early but to no avail. Turns out, there was no mass to be held until 6 in the afternoon and we cannot wait till then coz my boat leaves by 8. We had to go and look for a mass held downtown at the cathedral which started around 5. And then we had to hurry back home for dinner before my sister dropped me off at the port.

Yes, today is the day! My long break is over and it's finally back to the real world. I'd hate to be dramatic and all and I don't know why this keeps happening to me but the case of separation anxiety I'm experiencing right now is more than I expected. It's overpowering my will and excitement to go back to Cebu to the point that I almost didn't want to go back. I'm gonna miss my family, my sister and my nephew especially. With the number of times I've been doing this, you would've expected me to be used to it alreadybut the truth is, you don't get used to it (at least in my case), it's becoming worse every time. Ugh, I hate leaving!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 24: Grammar Junkie

My heart is grieving right now. I'm gonna be leaving for Cebu really soon and the separation anxiety is building up like crazy. I've spent the day packing my things and I also brought with me an organizer which will help me organize some of my things back in the house. I also packed some of my shoes which I left here and never really got to wear. My mom gave me a new blanket which is very snuggly and I know it's probably not a good idea since it's summer and I don't have an air conditioner at home so it will just add up to the heat of my bed but I don't care. I've practically harbored a lot of things at home to bring them over to my room in Cebu just for me to feel at home even if I'm miles away.

In the act of rummaging some things, I stumbled upon my ancient grammar book in high school. And one of the things that you probably don't know about me is that I love reading, answering, learning and relearning grammar books. Not to brag but I consider myself really good in my English classes in high school and college more than any other subjects. I liked reading literature and constructing sentences and finding out what's wrong with them. So I spent my night doing just that. And call me boring but I actually had a lot of fun. Fun is subjective they say.

Monday will be start of everything. There will be a lot of interviews and exams and scary bosses who will test me if I'm fit for the job so I have to get ready for it. I'm hoping I'm gonna get hired soon 'coz I don't have spare cash to throw away and living on my own means providing for my own so I'm really crossing my fingers for that. I'm also gonna be working on all of my documents from my previous company and I'm gonna get myself cleared before I could move on to a new one which means paying a little visit to my old workplace. It's gonna be hard and maybe a little nostalgic but I'm excited to see my friends too. I just hope I don't bump into someone I'm not supposed to.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 22 and 23: Holy Week Traditions

Two days more and I'm gonna be back in Cebu! I'm so excited I almost giggle at every random thing but I'm also beginning to develop symptoms of separation anxiety every minute that passes. I know it's crazy how someone can feel two opposite emotions at the same time but believe it or not, even if I've been doing this more than a dozen times already, every time I leave CDO for Cebu, my heart stops for a while to grieve. Usually, I would curl up in bed and cry a year's worth of tears. Happens all the time.

Yesterday was what they call Maundy Thursday and today is Good Friday. Most people have gone to the beach or somewhere far away for the holy week but for my family, we just spent it at home with each other. Yesterday, we all went to mass sans my older sister. I don't know why, she has some kind of immunity to these kinds of tradition that she needs no excuse to be..well..excused. We arrived in time but there were too many people, we didn't even get to find a seat. This happens to us every year and I know we should already have learned our lesson and brought over some chairs but somehow, we always forget and end up standing all throughout the duration of the mass.

For today, we had to attend the annual tradition of the Procession of the Cross. I, for one, never really follow any traditions but the family, especially my mom does so it's kind of obligatory for the rest of us. We walked for about 5 kilometers more or less (I suck at metrics) to pray and sing praises. Well technically, me and my sisters were too busy looking at the view and bickering with each other while my nephew shouted Amen every five minutes. I didn't expect it to be that long a walk, I though it was just gonna be around the corner but they just kept going. We had to stop and buy ice cream along the way. Thank God I was wearing slippers.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 20 and 21: Going back and Starting Over

I know, I know. To my defense, I didn't really do anything different on these two days so it's technically forgivable to merge this into one post. On the downside, I totally forgot what I did yesterday. I know I just spent the entire morning watching CSI and Revenge because I was too lazy to get up I had myself believe I was literally glued to the living room chair. And I skipped breakfast because I was too caught up trying to figure out who really killed who. I also happen to skip lunch because I was too busy putting the pieces together on the recent happenings in the life of Emily Thorne, God it's been too long since I watched an episode of this. I ate bits and pieces of junk though, if that helps. I know it's not healthy but to my defense again, I'm gonna be facing real life soon so I might as well enjoy what I can while I'm still here.

Speaking of going back to the real world, I booked my ticket back to Cebu yesterday. I'm leaving on Sunday and frankly, I'm scared. I'm starting all over again and I don't know what to expect. I have a lot of new plans and goals but just like before, I don't know if this will ever go according to plan. I'm gonna be throwing myself back in the open and although things are so much more different than it was before when I started, I can't help but feel a little apprehensive.

If you may know, some people want me to just stay here, including my parents. They don't even know I'm gonna be leaving on Sunday. I'm just waiting for the right timing (probably an hour before my trip. lol) because I know I'm gonna see those disapproving looks again. I mean they didn't really say it out loud but as kids, we get the hint. It's not that I don't want to, believe me, having stayed in the comfort of my home for almost three weeks made me almost rethink my decision. But I want to challenge myself too.  I need the challenge in order for me to grow as an individual. I'm thinking this could be a form of avoidance or escapism, maybe, I don't know. But what I do know is that I can't say here for now. I just hope they would find it in their hearts to understand what I'm going through. You don't know how those disapproving looks make me feel like the prodigal daughter who, I'm not so sure will ever come back.

P.S. As I said, I pretty much did the same thing today, the only difference was the series I watched. I exchanged Revenge with Glee and I'm glad I did because the episode was on their sectionals.

P.S.S. You should watch that episode. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 19: It's still day 19?

Honestly, I'm getting too tired of doing this already. And I haven't even reached a month yet. Pfft. This was supposed to be posted last night and yet I only finished it today. I'm not so sure I can whip up something for tomorrow. Let's see.

Anyway, it's my younger sister's birthday today. We didn't celebrate much, we just bought ice cream and cake and made pasta. She's already done treating her friends anyway so it was more of a private family celebration. My nephew was too excited with the cake, you should've seen his face, it's epic. And I probably ate more a week's worth of carbs and sweets. Ah, screw diet. I'll regret about it tomorrow. haha

I really don't have much to say. I know I probably had something in mind earlier but I forgot about it. I should really keep a pocket notebook and pen with me all the time so when an idea strikes up, I could always write it down. If there's one thing you should know about me, I'm very forgetful. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned this before but I can't remember. And now I'm just blabbing.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 18: I don't have a title for this

I skipped lunch today because I had to get my nails done. I know it sounds ridiculous but I cannot live with ultra fast growing bland and colorless nails for a day. I don't know if it's just me but colored fingernails always make me feel elated and gay. I know all you girls out there can relate. No? Okay then it's just me. After I got my nails done, I caught up with a friend and wontedly talked about the recent changes that are happening in our decent lives right now. Gilbert has been my constant friend since high school and we've practically known each other for almost ten years now. He's the only person of the opposite sex I can truly be honest and comfortable with to the point that I go with him shopping for men's underwear. It's awkward but fun all the same.

After catching up with him, I attended mass later in the afternoon with my family and decided to watch Hinuklog (Passion of the Christ play) right after. I was supposed to go with my sister but when she learned it would end late, she decides to bail out on me. So I told my mom I would be going alone, and then she goes like, 'Imma come with you', which means alone time with her, so in my head I'm like, "No,no,no,no,no, (probably even more no's than that)." Again, I like being with my mom, just not alone with her. I absolutely dread the questions she asks me when we're alone together. I just don't have the answers to those questions yet. But since I cannot say no to her, we went together. Luckily though, she got tired after a while and decides to go home ahead of me.

The play that I watched was really good. And you know a play is good when you get carried away by the actors. I mean the story of the passion is being presented every year so we already know the story, it's just now a matter of the presentation. They had real horses and costumes and everything was very well thought off. It evoked different kinds of emotions in me that I was not even prepared of. After the play, my sister picked me up since she was driving along the way and we went home together. We thought her son was already asleep but when we opened the door, he was there lying on his bed with a huge bump on his forehead. Apparently, he injured himself while playing. Poor, poor kid.

By the way, I'm sorry about yesterday, I know I sounded like a bratty teenager who lost her false eyelashes at boot camp. That's usually what happens when I miss a lot of people. Looking at my sister having fun with her friends made me miss my friends too. Because of diverse priorities and responsibilities, me and my friends never really have time to do sleepovers and food trips and little random things we used to enjoy before we got adulterated and eaten by worldly predilections. And now I don't wonder so much why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up. Being an adult sometimes constitutes being angry most of the time, becoming intolerant of delays and not taking time to do what's necessary instead does the shallow and superficial. It's not about being childish or immature, it's about never forgetting the kid in us who is always contented with an ice cream after falling off her bike and scraping her knees on the sidewalk.

P.S. Because I was traumatized with my previous experience getting my nails done, I tried a new one for today and it turned out really good!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 17: Teenage Drama

I feel so lame right now going to a 'grown-up' party with my mom and dad. It's Saturday night and my older sister is not at home, probably went out with her friends and my younger sister is out celebrating earth hour with her friends too. And since I was the one stuck at home watching classic TV, my folks decided to drag me along feeling all sorry for me. 'Poor daughter, no friends, no boyfriend, forever alone' was probably what my parents were thinking. And I can't say no to them. And there goes awkward hi's and hello's with people I have no interest about. Thank God they decided to head home early since my mom still has to go somewhere early tomorrow. Thank you, God.

Earlier today, my sister also celebrated her birthday with her friends and I was the one unfortunately tasked to babysit here. I mean, c'mon mom, she's old enough to curse, I think she can handle treating her friends out. But no, I just had to go and handle 8 other unusually loud and screaming teenage girls. Was I ever this noisy when I was her age? No, I don't think so. And they keep babbling about that cute guy, dishing out juicy gossips here and there. Ugh. Teenage Drama. And as if that's not enough, one friend decides to sleep over. I'm fairly tolerable if that friend is someone I know of but this one's totally new to me and I have trust issues. And then I realized how can I know? I'm not here all the time. Alright fine, she can sleep over. For now.

After the celebration, I just stayed at the nearby mall where me and older sister will be meeting up since it was my nephew's graduation and he was supposed to dance with other kids as part of the program. A couple of minutes later, my sister called and said they would not be attending the graduation since my nephew didn't want to go. You wanna guess the reason why? He doesn't want to dance. He didn't even like the costume. Just like that. And of course, we can't force a two-year old into doing something when his every answer to your question is 'no!' and then wails after. So no graduation and no dance happened. It's just a bummer since I really wanted to see him dance on stage in his cute little costume. I guess we'll just have to wait until he's old enough to say yes.

I'm sorry if I'm a little irked writing this. My patience is just burned up like bottle rockets today, I have no idea why. I'll do better tomorrow.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 16: Stuck for a While

"Wake up, it's almost 7:30!", my sister shouted like there was a fire that just broke out. This woke me up very early this morning, my eyes almost pleaded for much needed rest. And the reason for such early brouhaha was for my nephew's early dance practice at a nearby mall. Being the always ounctual person, I did everything hurriedly and when I came out of the shower, my sister and nephew were ready to go. And then they told me they had to go without me because they can't afford to wait for anymore. Great! And you just had to shook me out of bed for nothing!

Again, I did nothing fairly relevant today, I just gawked at the computer all day and prolly ate anything and everything my hands could grope for. you won't believe how much I gained in the two weeks I've stayed here at home. I almost wanted to cover all the mirrors at home just so that I can't seehow much weight I've managed to hoard. No, I don't have any eating disorders, I'm just extra watchful of my weight, there's a difference.haha

I told my dad today to get me a ticket to Cebu which will be leaving on Sunday. And then he told me he's not gonna do it since he's not allowing me to come back to Cebu just yet. He wants me to stay for the Holy Week. And I'm like, 'what the f am I gonna do here?' coupled with obligatory rolling of eyes. Looks like I'm gonna be staying here for a while, and I reiterate, against my will. Don't get me wrong, I love this place and I'm excited to spend more time with le family but I need to get a job already. I've been without compensation for almost a month and there are things I need to pay for, important thins at that.

Anyway, I gotta hit the sack early tonight, looks like I have another early wake-up call tomorrow. Aside from my nephew's dance recital, I my sister's celebrating her birthday in advance. I'll catch up with you later :0

Day 15: Why I Left

Finally, after almost two weeks, I can finally say that I am done! I took care of that teeny weeny document today and although it took me the entire day to finish it, I am so relieved I'm already done with it.

Since that is pretty much what ate up my day, I think I'm now ready to talk about the reason why I had to leave my job. Some people would categorize it as senile but I contest it was for my own good. If you happen to know me, I am not the kind of person who gives up on anything easily. I make it a point that I reach my limit before I let go and raise the flag. Sadly and unfortunately though, I came to that point. It was more of an anthology of a lot of things happening all at once that I wasn't able to cope up.

It was not an easy decision for me because it was my first job and the people I worked with were already considered a family too. I go to work with these wonderful people every single day, learning and relearning things all at once. As I say over and over again, with the taxing job that we are in (or any job for that matter),  it is imperative that you get along with the people that you work with. And it was more than that when I was with them. There was teasing, bickering, and a lot more than a normal team should behave but it was happiness at it's finest.

I wasted a lot of sleepless nights tossing and turning, weighing my options and thinking about the consequences. You know what they say, when you make a huge decision, you should always think hard because you might regret it afterwards. But it didn't help me at all. I just became more confused and the more I though about it, I the more I hated myself for not being able to decide. And so I woke up one day and decided instantaneously without allowing any buts and what-ifs to cloud my decision.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 14: Tea over Coffee

I'm gonna make this post short since I need to wake up early tomorrow for the appointment I have with the NBI. I need to get clearance from them as a requirement for work. Ugh, I hate doing grown-up things.

My morning was just spent in the world wide web trying to update myself with other people's life through Facebook without feeling bad for myself. I guess it's true what the studies show, sometimes, Facebook (or social networking sites in general) really make you compare your life to that of your friend who is already out of the country and travelling and enjoying their life to the fullest. Sometimes it even makes you hate your job and you spend endless hours stalking that awkward geeky classmate you had in high school who now has an amazing house with a totally hot husband. It's ridiculous how social media has and is affecting our lives now to the point that we almost post every single thing that we do from brushing our teeth to wearing our socks.

Okay, I'm sorry. I think I rambled to much on that.

Anyway, later in the afternoon, I had to meet my friend Yani who is also a medical student together with Zhy. I haven't seen her in a very long time so I was pretty excited. And yes, we shred stories and experiences over milk tea. It's slowly replacing the popularity of coffee here in our city and more and more people are becoming addicted to it. We tried out this very chic place owned by a friend of our batchmate in Nursing before. We have heard rave reviews from a lot of people regarding this privy Lilliputian place just a few blocks from our school before so we just had to try it.

When we arrived, the place was packed but we managed to get a secluded spot all by ourselves. This burgeoning place has all things girly with vintage written all over it. The interiors are so randomly designed with anything cute, from little teapots to abstract paintings on each rooms. They even have rope swings situated in the patio at the back of the cafe where anyone can sit and chill. No wonder the place is packed almost every single day, I almost didn't wanna leave myself. We may even have gotten a little carried away that Yani and I talked longer than usual.

This was the secluded place we found at the back of the cafe minus the heart-shaped plates and candles.

This is too cute!

Again, she shared her struggles as a medical student and honestly, I'm a little bit jealous because I've always wanted to be a doctor and hearing her tell me what I was missing pinched me a little. But I'm very proud of her. She's one of those people who has this rare passion towards the profession that there is no room for doubt that she's gonna become a very good physician in the future. Medicine will always be my greatest frustration but seeing my friends enjoy in a what-could-have-been for me will always be a comfort in ways my heart only know of.

After all the endless chitchat, we had to sew up our conversation and head home. I dropped by the mall to buy my sister food and I surprisingly bumped into a former hospital colleague. We exchanged notes about who's who and what's what in the hospital right now. I enjoyed listening to all his stories that I wished I had more time to stay. Why is it that time seems to move faster when you are enjoying someone else's company? Why?

P.S. I'm sorry if this is too long, you know me too well, I got a little carried away.

P.S.S. All the photos I shared here are from Chingkeetea's Facebook page just because I was that lame not to take pictures. Pfft.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 13: Throwback Tuesday

I can't believe I've been jobless for more than two weeks now. Whew! Time does really fly fast. I'm feeling too bored here at home I'm itching to find a new job already. I can't believe I'm about to write this but I kinda' miss working. I miss having to go to work everyday and I miss the favorite people I'm always joking around with. Ah, the things we appreciate when it's already gone.

Actually, although most of what I've written is true, I just used that as a head start to this entry. I'm sorry, i don't know any other way to start it. This may feel a little narrative so bear with me. Today was better than yesterday though. I didn't get to bum around the house although my lower back still hurts. I was supposed to go to someone who can fix it but the person was not around today, lucky me. Plus, my sister has been complaining about her tooth that's been bothering her lately. We went to see our usual dentist but then we found out she already moved out of the country so we had to find another one. But we didn't find any, lucky us.

After numerous failed attempts, she settled with a pack of pain relievers. Later in the afternoon,  I met with my best friend Zhy to catch up on a lot of things. She had late lunch at a restaurant near our school before and since I was still full, I went for dessert. We shared stories about her medical school struggles and my experience at work. It's funny how we went completely separate ways and yet, we still never run out of things to talk about. We also talked about people we knew then and how much everything has changed since then. People are getting married and having babies and going out of the country and doing grown-up things. and getting all their priorities settled. So much has changed and sometimes, it is a little overwhelming but amazing at the same time.

After a lot of throwback memories, I called my other friend who I was supposed to meet up with for dinner but he wasn't available until 7 in the evening and I was already getting hungry. I have been craving for sisig ever since I arrived from Cebu and I'm not going back until I set my foot again at Butcher's Best Barbecue. I swear, they have the best sisig ever. If you are ever here in CDO, you cannot not try it. Even if I just imposed a rule on myself not to eat any rice for dinner, I broke the rule the second I laid my eyes on it. It's just not as good without any rice to pair it with. After I devoured everything shamelessly, we had to get going since Zhy still has a lot of studying to do. 

Instead of going straight home, I decided to stop by at the mall just in case my other friend decides to catch up. And it didn't turn out to be a good idea at all. While passing the time, I ended up buying two pairs of shorts I don't really need. And then I realized it's the first thing I bought myself since the year started. So I cut myself some slack and decided I needed them after all. A couple of minutes later, my friend said he will not be able to make it at all so I had no choice but to head home. Since my sister was also on her way, I called her to pick me up. Another  milk tea afficionado, she demanded I buy her one too. Ah, did I mention milk teas make everything feel better? Even my sister can attest to that. 

P.S. The milk tea barista (if that is even an applicable term for them) was really cute. I'm telling you, it doesn't get any better than that. :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 12: Monday Blues

I'm currently writing this while I'm on the road just because I can't afford to have a missed entry. Technically, this IS already a late post but if I don't do this now, I might not have time to do it later.

So anyway, Monday was pretty boring for me. I guess you could say it's a terrible case of Monday blues. Or if I put it my way, it's a terrible case of a broken coccyx. Yes, my buttocks are still hurting very bad, it's a pain just trying to sit up and down. Which is why I spent the whole day just lounging around like a paralyzed frog. And then I realized I felt more sick not doing anything so I forced myself to move up and about but then it just got worse, I finally settled myself in the sofa watching my favorite TV shows. At least I have an excuse to have missed my morning run.

Later in the afternoon, I had to return my sister's dress downtown so I had no choice but to act like nothing's wrong or risk looking like an injured duck while walking. A paralyzed frog and an injured duck at the same time. Hmm. Not a good sight at all. After returning the dress, I dropped by some milk tea before heading home. Don't you think milk teas make everything feel better. I seriously think they do (at least for me). Just few of those inventions I consider heroes on hot summer days like this and in the days to come. Ugh, is it just me or do I sound like a constipated pastor giving a lecture? And what is up with all my adjectives?!

On the brighter side, I think I write better when I'm on the road. I should do this more often. (C'mon, please don't rain on my parade.)

P.S. I just passed by a mini cab that has this written on it's rear, 'When I grow up, I'll be a BUS'. Huh. Witty.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 11: Not the usual

I seriously think I just broke my coccyx (you know, that bone at the bottom of the spine also known as the 'tailbone'). I was playing with my nephew on his new go kart kind of thing early this morning and I was sitting at the back seat when I fell off while he was driving. I thought the pain would go away but it's still on until now so I'm a little worried. Or maybe it's just a bruise and I'm overreacting. God, I hope it's just a bruise.

So  today is Sunday and it's time to unwind. I stayed home and watched TV (my own version of classic entertainment). I was able to catch up with the latest episode of the iCarly Show. You guys ever heard of that show before? It's being aired on Nickelodeon so I guess probably only ten-year olds are the only ones who can relate to me now. haha. Hey, don't judge. Those shows still crack the hell out of me until now, it's way way better than cheap drama shows (at least for me).

Also, I went to mass alone late in the afternoon. I was waiting for everyone to come with me, turns out every single one of them had already gone to mass so I had no choice, I had to go alone. The homily about forgiveness was very comforting though. The priest showed us a very touching story about a father and a son on their last conversation before the dad served his death penalty. Apparently, his dad killed his mom and he was there to tell him that he had forgiven him after everything he's done. It's just a very short clip but really very touching. I really appreciated the way the priest reached out to his audience by using modern technology to incorporate with his homily instead of the usual pep talk. It makes everything interesting and it makes us see a lot of things in a different perspective, don't you think so?

Anyway, I'm gonna try to wake up early tomorrow to have a run. I repeat, I will try but I can't promise :) Good night to everyone on my side of the world, Good morning to the other side :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 10: Moving On

I guess it's true what they say, the more you stop yourself from doing something, you eventually end up doing it anyway, though not always but almost all of the time. Remember I told you a couple of nights ago regarding the email I received from someone and how I was torn whether I should respond or not? After almost a week of restraining myself, well, I finally succumbed and hit that reply button. I hated myself for it doing but I realized that it felt good. Although I have all the reasons to give out a bitter retort, I didn't. Instead, I wished him well and I do hope when we see each other again, I would already have moved on.

I'm not really comfortable talking about it but just to shed light on the issue, he was a former colleague. I met him when I was just starting out in the company and he was one of those people who helped me figure things out in the office. Eventually, I liked him and he liked me but there is just one problem, he's already committed to someone else. And I couldn't seem to get past that. I tried to get away from him as much as I can but I end up missing him a lot so it never really worked out well. So yeah, that was the short version of it. It kinda' sucks but it's fine. I really do wish him well and I hope everything works out for him.

Anyway, my cousins are finally here. It's always fun having relatives around and even one of them got along well with my nephew. Unfortunately, they had to go back by sundown so the fun was shortlived. They're gonna be back by May though with all the other cousins from abroad who haven't been home in a while so I'm getting psyched out. We have already planned out where we're going to go next and I can't wait!

Also, it's my younger sister's graduation today. My parents were the only ones who attended since we had to take care of other things but I did caught up with them after the ceremonies were over. I was planning to meet them inside the university but unfortunately, I was not allowed to get in because I did not pass the dress code. I just got a little infuriated with the security guard who held me up.  Before I got in, I specifically asked if I needed an ID to get in but she cut off and told me condescendingly that I cannot get in because of what I was wearing. That wasn't even my question at all and she could at least tell me nicely. I had to slip in a snide remark and leave before I lose my temper with her.

i finally decided to stay at McDonald's and wait for them there. I had to wait longer than expected because the ceremony did not end on time. When the ceremonies were finally over, we decided to celebrate at a local restaurant near the house because it was getting late and we were all tired. I had a couple of drinks with my dad which surprised him a bit since he hasn't seen me drink before. It's refreshing how when you're older, you don't need to ask permission for everything that you do. Parents tend to be more lenient and they understand that you're already getting older and is already capable of making your own decisions. After a while, we decided to head home and call it a night.

P.S. I'm posting this late since I didn't have time to write last night. I was too tired to even lift a finger.haha

Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 9: All Grown up

Okay, so I'm not going back to Cebu this weekend, or anytime soon. That teeny weeny document that I'm working on is playing very hard to get. I still need to wait until next Thursday to get hold of it. Which means, no beach this weekend! Kill me now. Oh no wait, my friends would gladly do that for you. Haha. Plus, my sister's birthday is coming up soon so I might have to stay a little longer for that too.

Speaking of my younger sister, she had her first Graduation Soiree today. And since we were not able to hire anyone to do her hair and make-up, we had to do it ourselves. I was tasked to do the hair so I did what I do best, BRAIDS! We didn't have any hairspray or pins, basically we didn't have nothing at all but I think it looked presentable though. And my other sister did her make-up as well, all improvised. Even so, my sister looked pretty and all grown up in her teal cocktail dress and braided hair.

Since she was gonna be home late, we had to pick her up. While waiting for her, we decided to eat at a restaurant near the venue and surprisingly, I was able to see my best friend's family eating out too, but I didn't see her around. Turns out she was running late because of schoolwork. She's been very beasy being a medical student for the past two years we barely even meet up even if I'm in town and I miss her. But I think she's doing really well in med school, I can't be any prouder.

Anyway, it's already late and I'm gonna be up early tomorrow 'coz some of my cousins are gonna be coming over from Bohol. I'm gonna leave you with a collage of the photographs we took while prepping for my sister's soiree earlier.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 8: Run with me?

I am racking my brains out trying to think of something interesting that happened to me today. But I can't think of any and I'm too tired. I guess nothing really happened today that's worth mentioning. I'm still working on getting all of my documents ready before I head back to Cebu, most of them are already done but there's just one teeny tiny important document that I have to work on. And because of that, I might not be able to go back on Sunday, which is kind of a bummer really. As I've mentioned before, me and my friends were supposed to go to the beach this weekend and I had to bail again on the last minute. Beach, why you so hard to get?huhu

I know this is a little late for a New Year's Resolution but I'm planning to get back on running. It's been a while since I did my last run and I kinda' miss it. But I gotta go get me some running shoes first, clear my schedule, and find a running buddy. Well, the last one's not really necessary but it would be nice to have someone you can run with. Someone who can motivate me when I'm being too lazy and someone who can detour me from any fast food chains after a long run. Hitting two birds with one stone, right?

I'm also looking to learn Spanish over the Summer. Or French. I've been wanting to do this since last year, I just didn't find the time and I was too shy to go to classes alone. I'm hoping this time around, I get the courage to finally enroll and learn my Como Estas? (Did I even get that right? Haha). My routine last year was strictly home and office, I badly need to get some extracurricular activities to divert me in case I get stressed out at work. It's not only a diversion, I'm also learning something new which could be beneficial for me in the future.

Anyway, it's been a long day. I gotta hit the sack. Hasta MaƱana! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 7: Any plans for the future?

It's almost midnight and I still haven't finished this yet. This is one of those days where my creativity gland (if there is even one) decides not to be creative and takes it's time off. Oh well. Everybody needs a little time off every now and then.

So I started my day early today. As I've said I have a lot of scutwork to do in so little a time, I had no choice. Good news is, I'm almost done! Woot! I just need to finish a few more things then I'm off to Cebu again to start something new. I'm a little scared 'coz I'm gonna be venturing into the unknown again, definitely out of my comfort zone. But then again, I wanted this. I guess that's motivation enough, right?

To tell you the truth, I'm kinda' missing the environment of my previous workplace and part of what scares me the most is the possibility that it would never be just as good. But we'll never know unless we try. That's how it always has been.

On a totally unrelated note, I got to read Crusader (our school's official publication) today and I was impressed. On the way home, I sat next to a lady holding out her copy and it's been a while since I got a hold of one so I decided to borrow it  for a while. And while I was browsing through the features, I genuinely thought it was better than what we had before. Or maybe I just didn't really paid any attention to it before. But in all seriousness, I found it really informative that even a person not attending the school would appreciate. And I had to muse why I didn't think of joining the publication before. I guess maybe college just overwhelmed me a little that it never entered my mind. Damn, I should've gotten myself into that publication!

For the rest of the day, I just decided to park my lazy ass off at home. And then Mom arrived a while earlier who decided to have a mandatory "talk time" with me. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to my mom but just like my sister, she tends to ask questions I'm not really comfortable answering. Like, my chosen career path. I know she means well, she's not forcing me into anything (and I love her for that) but she just never gives up on the nursing thing. And then she drops the bomb with the question on my plans for the future which I clearly have to assess myself with over and over again. So, what are my plans for the future? I'm gonna have to pull out an all-nighter for that. This is gonna be a long night.

P.S. I made pasta today after months of not setting foot in a kitchen. And if you ask me, best pasta ever! (At least it was for me.haha)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 6: Have you seen my boyfriend?

I'm so tired I'm probably gonna doze off anytime now. I was up and about the whole day doing errands and the heat outside is draining all of my energy out. Summer is already lurking around the corner and as much as I love it, I cannot handle the heat unless I'm in the beach or something. And since I don't have the luxury of driving my own car around the city, I had to walk and commute, and walk again under the scorching heat of the sun and the unforgiving pollution was of no help either. Ah, the perks of living in a third world country.

I had to retire in the afternoon or else I'm gonna be tanned for all the wrong reasons. I'm gonna be resuming everything by tomorrow. Hopefully, I would get a lot of things done than I did today and I pray the sun would be a little shy tomorrow. Believe me, I am not even halfway there yet and I'm planning to go back to Cebu by the end of the week since my friends and I are planning or a weekend getaway and I have to be there or else they're gonna disown me. Like, for real. Haha

I did get a very interesting question from my sister a couple of hours ago. I really have to avoid being alone with her. She asks questions I'm not really comfortable answering. She asked me why I still don't have a boyfriend until now. I'm like, how am I supposed to answer that question? Geez, I don't know, maybe he got hit by a bus on the day fate finally decided it was time we meet. Or maybe he became a priest or married somebody else because I was too late. Well, excuse my language again but I don't even fucking know. There should be like a law that inhibits people to ask those kinds of questions. That  should be illegal. Period.

Thank God I'm too tired to think tonight. I gotta get me some sleep for tomorrow's errands again. Mr. Sun, please be good to me.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 5: It's Complicated

You know how sometimes, you already know without a doubt that a certain thing/action is utterly and completely unacceptable and yet you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again? That is what's happening to me now. And it sucks. It really, really sucks. Big time.

I received an email from someone just this morning and I badly want to respond to it. But I'm trying to restrain myself not only because it's not right but mostly because I have to get it over and done with. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sorry. It's just that, everything is so complicated I don't even know where to start. Well obviously I'm talking about a guy. Who happens to be taken. And I happen to be single. It's not really rocket science, I think you can figure that out in a heartbeat.

I would've wanted you to read the email but I'll keep it to myself for now until I figure out what to do with it. So yeah, that basically covered my morning. I did have to do some errands in the afternoon though so I had to leave it be for the meantime. I had to take care of legal documents and stuff since I lost my wallet last year, together with it all my cards and ID's. I hope I get all of it done before I head back to Cebu.

P.S. I got to visit my alma matter today and the school looks amazing. There were a lot of changes since the last time I had been there and when I came there today, I wished I was a student back again. I probably just felt a little too nostalgic. Just a little.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 4: It's a girl!

One of my favorite moments when I'm at home is waking up every morning to the sound of my nephew's laughter, or in some unfortunate cases, hysterical tantrums (talk about waking up at the wrong side of the bed. haha). He almost always wakes up very early in the morning and he wakes everyone up just to play. And this morning was no different. Thankfully, this time, tantrums were off the window but I was greeted with a lot of shouting and pounding at my back, asking me to open my eyes and play with him. God, I am in love with this child!

So anyway, today is my friend Tiffany's baby shower so you'll probably read a lot about babies in today's post. But before that, I forgot to mention that yesterday, I had my nails done and by far, that was the worst I've ever experienced. We had one of those home service thingy and I know it's a little unsterile but it saves me a whole lot of money so I decided to go for it. She was the worst. She managed to injure at least a finger for each hand and a toe for each foot. I am so not getting her services again. I'd rather pay a lot than risk getting injured for something I can do myself.

Now going back, as I mentioned, I was gonna attend a baby shower late in the afternoon and since I didn't have any gift yet, I had to scour for one in the morning. I had to bring my sister over because I had no idea what to buy. Turns out, she wasn't a big help either. Well, she did pitch in some ideas but some of them were too pricey and some, I just plainly didn't like, Meanwhile, the ones that I did like were also either too common or too impractical. In the end, I settled for baby pillows. I know, how lame can I get? Well at least it's better than nothing!haha

I arrived a little early even if I almost got lost along the way (I am not good with directions, I tell you). And the first thing I noticed when I arrived was this:

I guess by now, you would've known what the baby's gender is. Everything was in girly colors and the cake was too cute I almost wanted to take it home. Old friends and acquaintances also managed to drop by to join in on the fun. After eating, they prepared some games and usually, I don't participate on those thing mainly because (believe it or not), I'm too shy. But this time around, I did not only join one but two of the games and although my team lost in both games (I know, such a loser!), I still had a whole lot of fun.

I never really got the chance to sit down and talk with my friend but I'm really happy for her. A little scared but happy. I did not expect she'd get pregnant at an early age (I'm sorry but 22 is still early for me. haha) but I'm very proud of how she's handling it so far. I know for a fact it's not easy but I I also know she'd make a good mom. And she's having a girl, it can't be that bad (I guess). I can't wait to be a 'ninang' soon! For now, I'm leaving you with a photo of my very pregnant friend, so pregnant I was afraid she would deliver anytime during the party. haha

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 3: Home Sweet Home

Maayong Gabii (Good Evening) straight from Cagayan de Oro City! Woot Woot! I think God must've known how excited I was to be home that the ship I boarded surprisingly arrived way earlier than I expected. Plus, it didn't rain, which meant I was able to sleep and not worry about things I'm only making up in my mind. Haha.

When I'm on board, I'm always curious and a little anxious of who I'm gonna be sharing cubicles with. Well, the elusive cute guys were as always, elusive. But I did witness something just as interesting. The person who occupied the opposite bed was a male Muslim and just before the ship left, he unpacked this small carpet-like thingy that they use when they pray (I'm sorry I don't know what they call it). He positioned himself to pray just right in front me. It was a little awkward for me but he didn't seem to mind and he just went on with his prayer naturally, like he was just combing his hair. I'm always amazed with how they are so unashamed of their faith which is not very common in some Christians.

After a  while, maybe I got too caught up with my reflections that even if we haven't left Cebu yet, I was already missing it. Crap. Plus, the other two ladies on the right side of my bed can't seem to stop talking and I can't seem to stop myself from listening (to my defense, they were really loud, or maybe it was just too quiet that I couldn't help but overhear). I found out they also got acquainted with the company I just left and then I was reminded again of the people and the memories I'm going to terribly miss. Double Crap.

So anyway, my first day at home wasn't really that remarkable. I spent the morning watching my favorite TV shows, which I never get to watch when I'm away. And I played like crazy with my nephew who is even crazier and wilder and is everything synonymous to hyperactive. He's already attending school and has been showing off everything he has learned, it's amazing.

I also learned my sister's graduation soiree is up next week so we had to help her find a dress to wear. And boy did we have a hard time. You see, my sister is not your average teenager, size-wise. She is bigger than me and she's not even in high school yet. I mean, you get the picture, right? We circled every shop and we would find a dress but it was always too small, or too sparkly, or somebody already has it, etc. In the end, we only had one prospect and she wasn't even too happy about it. Pfft.

P.S. I'm hoping I get to travel outside the country this year. My sister is already busy booking stuff and all but nothing's official yet. Fingers crossed!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 2: Bored as Hell

I don't have much to share today mainly because I practically didn't do anything worth mentioning. I did pack my bags and then took a shower (or maybe it was the other way around) but that's pretty much it. I'm just killing time waiting for my trip tonight. I 'm kinda worried though 'coz it's a little too gloomy, looks like it's going to rain (I desperately hope not)and although I love a little rain at night generally but definitely not on nights when I have to board a ship (insert all negative imagery possible here).

Oh and one good news though. My favorite roommate got her application for full scholarship approved at St. Luke's Medical Center and she's going to study medicine there starting this June. How awesome is that? For those who are not familiar with the school/hospital, it's pretty awesome, I tell you. Ah, what I would give to have the same kind of opportunity. But I am very happy for her.

On another note, I'm thinking of selling the books I've collected over the years for a fairly low price. I mean, there's just like twenty of them but they're really good books. And although I figured I wouldn't be biying too much of them since I discovered ebooks (don't get me wrong, still nothing compares to them good 'ol paperback but they help me save a lot of money so yeah), I still feel a little clingy to them. I'm gonna have to decide on that soon.

I guess that's all I have for now. I'm gonna be prepping up for my trip in a while and I still have to buy my sisters some cupcakes from Sweet Little Things before I head on. Just for the record, SLT have the best cupcakes I've tasted so far (a little pricey but worth it). I'll tell you more about that sooon!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 1: Too much going on

Excuse my language and I know this is so random but I fucking hate password resets. It took me almost an hour trying to get in two of my email accounts because I shamelessly forgot the password on each of them. Ah, such pain I went through!

So anyway, that was probably not the best way to start this post after a long breather. I'm sorry. Let me start over. Well,  I'm supposed to write about how my day went. I'm doing a self-imposition kind of thing wherein I write down what happens to me during the day (or night) for the next 365 days (and if you know me well, you'd probably roll your eyes and bet I don't even get to Day 10). I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to achieve with this but yeah, I've decided to try it anyway. Yes, I maybe a little too late on the diary thing but whatevs.haha

To start it off, my day didn't really start well. I woke up early, waaay too early. As per routine, I checked social media for anything less than boring. You might be wondering what I did last night. Uhm, I didn't do anything because finally, after too much thinking and tossing and turning, I had the courage to quit my job. But let's skip that part for the moment 'coz I don't wanna talk about it yet. So going back, because I didn't have dinner the night before, the effects came early as well, which reminded me I have to eat. So I did.

And I regretted it twenty minutes after. Blame it to the freakin' dysmennorrhea, I puked every piece of what I ate. And everything hurt. From my leg to my back, especially my back! I tell you, it is killing me. It sucks when your body finally gets you for not getting any exercise. Or sometimes, it just sucks to be a girl. Finally, I dozed off and thank God, I felt better after waking up.

Without anything better to do, I decided to clean my room, well technically my space, because I share the room with four other people. And thanks to them, I am forced to do some cleaning every now and then. And then I decided to go out after two days of self-imposed depression. Haha. I'm kidding. I just had to get my laundry and buy a ticket back home. Yes, I am coming home! I was hoping I could get a ticket for tonight's trip, turns out they didn't have any scheduled trip so I had to stall for one more night. I haven't been away that long but gahd, I miss home. I cannot wait!

If anything, I was more productive than the day before and the day before that. So I decided to treat myself to dinner at my favorite place just across the street. The pasta was a little overcooked but I didn't mind. I did at first but I decided not to make a big deal out of it. I mean, it's better than not having anything to eat at all.

P.S. This is gonna be a late post because again, I dozed off after dinner. Pfft.