Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 33: Awkward

Today was one of those days again where fun is synonymous to waking up early and being productive (and I had to say that convincingly over and over again without sounding sarcastic). You know, Monday.

I had a couple of things to do today which means I have to start my day as early as possible to accomplish everything. And you know how much I hate waking up early, but I have no choice. After getting ready, I went straight to the lab to complete my medical examination. It turns out, they're not gonna open until 8 in the morning so I was more than an hour early. Good thing, a co-applicant I came to be friends with also came early so I had someone to talk with while waiting.

After completing my medical exam, I went straight to settle my application and some other requirements needed before I start my employment. The first place I went to had a very long line but I was done within an hour. The second one was just quick but still remains unchecked on my to-do list since I have yet to follow-up on that every now and then. The places I went to were just within the vicinity that I decided to just walk from one place to another and I don't know how I came to that decision because it was so fugging hot and sweat was dripping all over me in places I didn't even know had sweat glands (ew, I'm sorry, that was gross).

So anyway, I finally went home and since I didn't receive any call yet regarding the orientation, I decided to call them instead. I was to have my orientation at one in the afternoon so I had to get ready. After taking my lunch (yes, I ate this time), I went straight to the office and I was one of the few people who came early. I saw some familiar faces who were with me during the interview however when I asked them what account they were profiled to, every single one of them answered the same but not the account I was in. And then I thought, 'Oh, this is awkward.'

When the orientation started, I finally got my answer. They were all profiled in the same account and they were all gonna be classmates except me but I needed to attend the orientation with them since there was no other schedule before my training. I was a little out of place at first and I got really shy because they had to made special mention of me from time to time while they were discussing the contract since there were slight differences. But after a while, I made friends and the class turned out to be fun.

The orientation was done by seven 'coz we still needed to have our pictures taken but I didn't sign the contract yet. There were some things I needed to consider before signing so I figured I'll just come back tomorrow. So I went home, had dinner with my roommate and called it a day.

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