Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 32: A date with John Green

I woke up to the sound of heavy downpour early this morning, which was unusual considering it's officially the start of summer here in the Philippines and the sun has been PMSing the past couple of days. I mean, really, really bad case of PMS. And what's worse, I'm stuck here at home while others are enjoying their summer vacation all over and out of the country. Double bummer.

But since it was Sunday today and the only thing on my itinerary was to go to mass, I went back to bed to enjoy the wonder that is laziness. I slept really late last night reading John Green's Will Grayson, Will Grayson that even eight hours of undisturbed sleep wasn't enough. But after almost an hour of tossing and turning and staring blankly at the top bunk of my double deck bed, I resolved to finish the book. There were just a few pages more to go so it wouldn't take me that long to finish it.

After a little over an hour, I closed the book to end my journey with Will Grayson. I'm not really in the position to say that it deserved a nobel prize or anything but the book was good while it lasted. It was probably the only literature that made me laugh like a hyena. After reading the book, I looked at the right side of my bed and a humungous pile of dirty clothes were hungry of my attention. And so it was decided. Laundry it is!

Probably one of the most tiring and least favorite errand for me is doing the laundry which is why, I can only do house clothes and underwear. Anything else heavier than that will be taken cared of by the laundry house. After such tedious work, I waited for my friends to call me for a lunch out again but I realized they weren't out until roughly around two in the afternoon so I decided to browse over my ebooks and found another one of John Green's entitled Paper Towns.

I read the book to pass the time while nervously looking at my cellphone every now and then to check if I had an invite from my friends. But I didn't receive any. So I decided to go to mass at around 4 so that I can have an early dinner (which will be my first meal of the day, again). After the mass, I went straight to dinner and then home again. I wanted to finish the whole book by the end of the day and I did. But I ended up crying afterwards. I found the book really disturbing in a way that it discusses different facets of human life that you can't help but think about all of it before going to sleep. Which is what happened to me. Damn them good books!

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