Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 53 & 54: Weekend at home

I'm now back to the real world! Although my week was ordinarily spent, it always becomes extraordinary when I'm with my favorite people.

I just arrived here in Cebu earlier this morning and still, it wad so hard to snap out of rest day mood. From the airport, I went home to deposit my things and then went straight to the office. I was technically 2 hours late from work which my trainor displayed annoyance by not responding to my morning greeting. I just bribed him with a pastel delicacy I brought from CDO afterward which he and my teammates enjoyed a lot.

After work, I had to take care of some bills for my mom and I had to wait for almost two hours for their customer service to cater me. Thank God an elderly woman gave me a much better priority number so I gave mine to someone else in return. It never hurts to pay it forward as they say. After endless waiting, I was able to settle the bill and then went home to retire. Since my roommate was still not home, I ordered pizza and gobbled it all on my own for dinner. So much for stupid diet!

Also, I would like to apologize for skipping a post yesterday. I was so tired and I had to sleep early because of my early flight in the morning as well. Actually I got a boat ticket for last night's 7pm trip however I decided not to avail of it since I needed more time with my family. I just spent Sunday with my sister going to the grocery and stopping by a jewelry maker who was referred by a family friend since my sister needed a replacement for her lost wedding ring. I think I'm gonna go to her too once I decide to alter the ring my mom gave me.

Aside from that, we also visited my sister's house since I haven't been there before. The house is just perfect for families who are just starting out. I was able to sneak a peek of their model house as well and I was really impressed with the interior design to the point that I wanted to buy a house for my own. I've been looking for houses online that would be able to cater to my budget and taste. I know it sounds ridiculous but I really want to buy a house for my own. Why are houses so darn expensive?!

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