Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 39: Distracted

I felt like an invalid today. I woke up really late and when I did, I just stayed in bed like a boss. No breakfast and no lunch at all. Again, I know it's not healthy but getting up to scout for food would take up all of my energy. Oh you know I'm just making excuses!haha. If I didn't have to go to mass, I wouldn't have bothered getting up at all.

I finally got up at around 3 in the afternoon to go to mass. I was there on time but as the celebration went on, my mind was all over the place that I felt really guilty. I wasn't even able to listen to the homily because I was thinking about a lot of other things. I was so distracted and I was having my own homily inside my head. I know that's not very fair to Him that he's only asking for an hour of my time amd yet I couldn't even give it to him. What is wrong with me??

After the mass, I got really hungry so I decided to have an early dinner. I have work again tomorrow so I would have to go home and hit the sack early. Until tomorrow!

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