Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 48 and 49: Some days

One particular thing that happened today that really got into my nerves is the insensitivity of some people. At work, since I'm still a newbie, we are not allowed to go on duties during holidays so we have to make up for it on a Saturday. May 1 is considered a holiday here in the Philippines so we were given the option to choose between two Saturdays (April 27 and May 4) for the make up class. Since I had to go home by the 27th and some other people also had prior commitments due to short notice, we wanted to have the class on the 4th. However, some inconsiderate people were forcing others to go for the 27th just because they want to without having any valid reason at all. And to think, they were the ones I considered really close with ever since the start of training. In the end, our trainor decided to have a class on the said holiday with a permission from his boss. I was relieved but still I got pissed with what happened. So anyway, I finally got my ticket printed and I'm all set for Friday. I'll be bringing home a printer I bought for my sister. Although I'm a little bit short for my expenses, my friends have been kind enough to help out. Yesterday I wasn't able to post anything because I came home late and I got too tired. After the class ended, my friends called me since they were in the area. I met up with them and one even volunteered to treat us pizza. Another friend also dropped by so it was like a mini reunion. It's always a good time when I spend it with my favorite people even if they're also the reason why my diet got ruined and I wasn't able to go jogging. Ah, the things you do for your friends! Earlier that morning though, we had our second embedding and I was supposed to go first while my partner will listen and help me out. But, my partner was such an arse that he wanted to take calls too, leaving me all by myself. But I was not mad at him, I know that somehow I'll be on my own when taking calls, I just got so scared. But fortunately, it all turned out well and I could say it was better than my first embedding. I even got to meet a cute guy who was assigned to help us out. Okay fine, I have a tiny teeny crush on him. Let's hope he's still single. teehee :)

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