Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 37: Tell me your secret

TGIF! Although I still have work tomorrow (I know, total bummer!), I can't help but feel relieved. Training today was also less bloody than yesterday and I had to share a secret to a lot of people I barely I even know. More on that later!

As per usual, I had to fight the urge to stay in bed all day and it took me almost 30 minutes just to drag myself to the shower. But I still arrived a little too early for work. The discussion was fairly familiar to me especially on the first half of the day, it was just like having a review on how we usually handle calls. The second discussion was again about billing but it was something that I've already experienced in the past so it was not that hard for me to follow.

Before we took our lunch though, some of the managers and supervisor from our account paid us a visit. We did a meet and greet and they had us introduce ourselves. But the catch was, we had to spill out one of our deepest darkest secrets after the introduction. There were 23 of us in the class and some of my wavemates' revelation really shocked me. Of course, I wouldn't tell you anything about it but just when I thought I've already well adapted myself with other people's lifestyle and preferences, they still never failed to astound me.

If there's one thing that I've learned today, it is to be open about the realities in this world. As cliche as it sounds, we really have to expect the unexpected especially when it comes to dealing with other people.

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