Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 45: New Discoveries

Thank God for weekends! The week has been such a roller coaster that I badly needed this two-day off.

Since I was short on cash, I decided to just stay at home. I spent most of my morning with Ellen (I swear her videos are addicting!) and other social networking sites. After I got bored, I got rid of a whole week's worth of clutter and paperworks. I also arranged my clothes and shoes which were all over the place due to my constant outfit changes. Basically, I did my weekly cleaning plus my favorite chore of doing the laundry (insert sarcasm here*).

I finished everything by noon and my stomach was already clamoring for food when my roommate woke up. We bought a whole piece of grilled chicken to share with each other. Even if the chicken was too big for the both of us, the rest was saved for dinner. I've never been really close to this particular roommate of mine but ever since everyone left for the summer vacation, we started bonding like sisters.

I also learned a whole lot about technology today. My friend who left for Vietnam buzzed me in Facebook telling me to download Viber. This application has been on the mainstream for a while already but I never really bothered checking it out since I never saw the need of it. After I downloaded the application, I was able to text and call for free even if me and my friend were miles away. Also, another friend introduced me to a radio application which plays really good music. I tried it out and I couldn't be happier! Looks like these applications are bound to be abused in the next couple of weeks.

P.S. I had to rewrite my original post because my internet was acting up and the first one I made was not saved at all. Not that it's anything relevant, I'm just sayin'!haha

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