Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 38: Not Invited

As early as my day started, so was how late it ended.

I came to work all excited knowing it would be the last day of the week for me and then I would be having my day off. Although my off would only be for a day but at least I get to have one so I don't have the right to complain. There were only even a few people in the building because it's a weekend and most of the people are having their days off. Work was dragging but fairly tolerable.

After work, I immediately went home to rest. I found out some of my workmates before went out without me and I was a little jealous and sad that I didn't get an invite but I understood that I was not part of the team anymore and we had different schedules so it would be hard for them to go out of their way and include me. It was like telling me to just move on with my new environment and even if it's hard for me, I have no other choice.

At around 7, me and my roommate went out to dinner. There's this famous place that I haven't been to even if I've been here in Cebu for more than a year already so we decided to go there. The place is called Larsian and they sell different kinds of barbecued and grilled meat and seafood. The place was packed when we got there but the food was really delish that I ate more than I planned. But definitely, no regrets!

Again, as I mentioned, I slept really late knowing I wouldn't have to wake up too early tomorrow. I watched endless youtube videos of Russell Peters, the famous stand-up comedian, just to ease my stress away, and he did't fail. I stayed up until midnight when finally my eyes can't keep themselves open anymore and so I decided to give them a rest.

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