Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 41: New Friends

Practice makes perfect.

Today was probably one of the most productive days I've ever haf since our training started. The main tools to be used when we'll be taking calls were already introduced to us and we were given the chance to do everything hands on. For me, the best method for learning is practice. At first, everything seemed so blurry and confusing but after tons of practice, I began to realize it's not as hard as it seems.

Also, we were able to observe tenuted agents taking calls on the floor for us to have a feel of how they go about taking calls. I was even able to meet my batchmate before who was already working in the company for quite some time and was already trained for higher position. We were able to chat for a while and it always feels good to see a familiar face among lots of strangers. Looking at her excelling at what she does makes me want to be like her. I also hope I get to be as good as she is.

After class, I also went out with some of my new friends. Figuring I cannot always live in the past, I have the option to be lonely or make new friends. And I decided I'm better off with the latter. Yey to new friends!

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