Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 50: Are you competitive?

There are two things I learned today that I'd like to share with you. One, I'm weirdly competitive. Two, some people talk about abortion like it's as normal as taking a shower. These things have been consciously on my subconscious but I never really gave a thought about it. And since nothing spectacular really happened today, let me babble about the two things that I learned.

I never really saw, let alone labeled myself as competitive before. True, I never wanted to fail at what I do but everyone does, right? Also, way back in college, I always compared my test results with my friends and smiling victoriously in my head when I get the highest score. But all my friends are doing it as well so it was never a big deal. In my workplace before, I would always be too hard on myself whenever I don't meet the standards and that's just because I hate failing as much as I hate being a failure.

Today, I finally realized my boss was right, I am downright competitive. While we were doing an activity earlier at work, I was palpitating and sweating unconsciously while I tried to finish the activity on a limited time. I loved the thrill of knowing that I can be good at what I do and that I can be the best amongst my peers. People would tell me that I take things seriously and now I understand why. I know somwtimes it's not a good thing but I also know that I can use this to my advantage, don't you think so?

Also, earlier today, a friend was browsing through Facebook while I watched along. And then someone messaged her worried because she didn't have her period yet. The first thing that came to my mind was that she might be pregnant, until my friend told me that she got her baby aborted just a month ago and she haven't had her period yet since then. And the reason for the abortion was the fear of being terminated from work. I mean, how lame is that reason? So, she'd rather kill her own child than risk losing her job? I know I don't have the right to judge but still, what she did not justify the means at all.

So anyway, that's about enough ranting. I'm going to sleep in a while so I'll write to you straight from CDO tomorrow then! Woot!

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  1. Being competitive is not bad. I am competitive too at times. Anyways, that is such a lame excuse. Because she is afraid that she will be terminated from her work? She killed a life because of her work? Oh my! And she kept on making love with someone without protection at all and now she haven't had her period again? Why can't they just stand to what they did. Besides, it's not an accident, it was bound to make it happen. There are pro's and cons of being pregnant and having a kid but I tell you, it is more satisfying to see the child as he/she is growing up. She should be more mature and be responsible for what she did instead of aborting the fetus. Poor little one. =(