Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 46: Books or Movies?

I'm the kind of person who, by a mile, prefers books over movies. And a lot of people judge me for that. Once I give out that certain information to someone I just met, I could already see their precious little mouths forming the word boooring. I don't really care. As long as they mind their own business, I'll stick with my books.

So anyway, that introduction was just me talking gibberish. Well, today is one of those days where movies appealed to me more than my books. Now don't get too excited. I'm still going back to them, I just needed a little detour this time. And since my roommate downloaded a lot of movies, I had a hard time choosing so I ended up watching not one, not two, but three movies today. There was Tangled which reminded me of my childhood days where I thought I was secretly a princess. After finding out Santa Claus was faux, my princess dreams also went down the drain easily. As with all once-upon-a-time stories, it was pretty predictable. But the journey to that happy ending was worth watching.

I also watched Wreck It Ralph. Now this one has a good moral to it and it borders between a normal feel-good animated movie and a conscience-inducing one. The third one was The Lucky One which was an adaptation of Nicholas Spark's book, which I haven't read yet. It stars Zac Efron who looked like an epitome of perfection (half of the movie was spent marvelling at him) and some other girl who looks like Katy Perry but not quite. Sex and intimate scenes were reaaallly good. I mean Efron and sex is probably a match made in heaven.

Okay, I'm sorry for getting a little wanton there. I guess that's the thing about movies. Everything is so predictable and everything is being spoonfed to the viewers, whereas in the magic of literature, you are given your own freedom of imagination. And you become alive with each and every character, and you feel, and eventually, you become them. Now don't go on arguing you movie fanatics out there. That's merely an observation. A biases one that is.haha

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