Saturday, April 21, 2012

Miami Rave Party

I had the opportunity to attend the summer GA of our company last week which was held at Vista Mar Beach resort. And since it was a company event, there were a lot of activities, a lot more people and of course, booze was served like it would be banned the next day (I am not even exaggerating.haha).

I was glad I went though 'coz I have been itching to go out and have some R&R because of the stress brought about by work. I was finally able to feel the summer vibe and it was definitely a good way to jumpstart my summer!

While waiting for the bus to transport us to the resort

We had to ride the bus on the way to the resort and when we arrived at the place, we couldn't wait to camwhore.haha. We immediately headed to the beachside to have our photos taken (isn't it too obvious?haha). And if you're wondering why the photos here have different qualities, I had to grab these from my friends since I wasn't able to bring my own camera.

Love this pic!
Project to the nth level. :)
with Donnel, Maco and Marf

Spot the not!
There were a lot of activities before the formal program started to keep all the people abuzz. There was free hair braiding and body painting when we arrived and it went on until around late afternoon. A lot of people were also lining up to get their photos taken at the photobooth, which was funny 'coz it was always around at every event in our company and people couldn't seem to get enough of it. A lot of prizes were also given out but unfortunately we didn't win any. Talk about luck!haha

People queuing to have their hair braided

There were also a lot of people lining up for the body painting
My friend Donnel trying out his stuff.

Some of the body paintings of my friends :)

Of course, we had to have our photos taken at the photobooth!
Vonage Wave 20 group pic :)
Stolen shot by Marf :)
Solo pic :)
I think some of the people went home at the wee hours of the morning but because we were such a buzzkill, we just waited for the food and then we left afterwards. Eat and Run was our motto that night.haha

But even if we left early, I still had fun and I couldn't wait for my next summer escapade! Let's hope there's still more to come *crosses fingers

How's your summer so far?


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Food Trip

It's been ages since I've posted a food entry. While this one is a tad bit overdue, it was still one of the best eat-outs I had mainly because, I experienced it with my new acquaintances I now proudly call friends. 

It's a shame how I can't remember the full name of the restaurant but I believe it goes like AA Barbeque or something like that. They have raw food displayed in the counter and you have to choose what you want to order and then they cook it afterwards. The food was actually good, or maybe I was just really hungry that time that I almost ate twice what I normally do.haha.


I forgot the name but this was also really good.

Baked Scallops. I've always wanted to try this one but was disappointed 'coz it was too salty for me. :c

The fish that I devoured shamelessly.haha

See? We were not that hungry.haha

Group picture :)
Thank you Rose for this stolen pic :)
As I can remember, this was a long night. A lot of random things happened and there were a lot of firsts for me. But I'll save all that for future posts, okay?

*credits to Rosalie for all the photos taken

Meanwhile, let's all celebrate Easter Sunday with grateful hearts for our father has finally risen. :)


Truth or Dare

Surprisingly, I am in the mood for creating wordy posts these past few days. Is it too obvious?haha. Don't worry, I'll try to restrain myself this time. No promises though.

I'm gonna start it off with what happened yesterday. And although it's gonna feel like reading a highschooler's diary, I have to let this out or else it's gonna eat me up alive.haha.

It all started with a game, and the loser would have to choose between a truth or a dare consequence. Of course, we all know that whichever one you chose, you can't get away without losing a face. And that's exactly what happened to me because apparently, I was one of the constant losers that night. And no, let's not talk about luck this time.haha

I was actually fine with the dares that my co-trainees shamelessly imposed on me. And I was already fixed on choosing that option up until the game ends. But I don't why my freakishly weird mouth which has a life of it's own chose 'truth' instead of 'dare'. So I silently prayed they wouldn't ask me that constantly abused question, 'Who is your crush in the room?' way back in highschool. But they did. And what have you to do when your crush is sitting almost right next to you? I know what, D-I-E!

It almost took me 5 minutes to answer that question. Which was funny 'coz all those people asking me already knew the answer, all they wanted was a tormenting confirmation from me. The only good thing was that, my crush was sitting with his back against me so I just mouthed his name and thankfully, my prosecutors let me away with it. But of course I alread know he-who-must-not-be-named already had a feeling about it 'coz he was the only decent male present in the room. Awkward.

I know, I know, I should get over it. I feel like throwing up 'coz I know I'm too freakin' old for this. Geez.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good Friday

And because sleep has failed me once more, I resort to writing.

It's such a sad thing when you have to work on holidays. I was originally planning to go home this holy week but because of my crazy schedule, I had to stay and go to work. Booo :( And the only consolation that I have? Double pay. Now I'm not so sure if that even compensates the time I'm spending away from my family. 

I also realized that when you are away from home, holidays or special events like this are spent so differently. My mom was not there to constantly remind me to fast when I sometimes forget and dad was not there to badger me off to go to mass and do stations of the cross. And I badly miss spending the days off with my family. It's a good thing I have friends who shared the same sentiments with me.

The pictures below were taken a while ago when we went to Sto. Nino Church after work to say a prayer or two. Although it was not my first time there, my friends really wanted to take a picture of me inside the historical church so we had a mini picture taking after we offered our prayers. Can you recognize those tired faces? haha

Donnel and me.

Marf, me, Maco and Rosalie.

Of course I have to have a solo pic.

 I have to admit I have not been very faithful when it comes to following the Lenten practices this year. But I have not forgotten the real reason why we are celebrating this very special holiday and the sacrifices that our Father has done for us. I will forever be thankful for the life that he gave us in exchange of his own.

I hope you all have a peaceful and reflective Holy Week everyone. :)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stress Reliever

Whenever I feel stressed, whether it be situational or self-inflicted (with the latter most common than the former.hahaha), it's either I read a book, write a blog post about just anything my crazy mind could think of or, browse the Internet. And I have done all three so there is not much concealment that I am stressed beyond words. Again. But this time, it is not much work-related but more of a lack of sleep. I have no idea why in the world can I not doze off to Neverland when I very much needed it. I really have to figure this out or else I'm gonna be a walking zombie by the end of the month. 

And apparently for me, it comes in two, coz aside from being stressed, I have also been very uninspired the past few days. I feel like all the inspiration has been sucked out of me and I always find myself staring blankly without anything particular in mind.I think I'm on the brink of insanity.haha. Kidding! But seriously, where is inspiration when you need one?? 

With that, I feel the need to share with you some of the photos and GIFs that has somehow relieved some of my stress during the past few days. You know, just in case you feel the same way that I do. And also some dose of inspirational words to bathe our souls with.

This one is so true! 

I couldn't help but laugh at this. Sarcasm and Bitterness all in one.hahaha

Yes, I've tried it. :)

I dunno why but I literally LOL'd when I saw this one.

I should do this more often to motivate myself.

Yey for chocolates!

So true.

And last but not the least, my theme for this week.haha
I truly hope everything gets better next week. And I'm thinking of resuming my outfit posts, what do you think? But I still need to find a photog and a really good camera before I do that. Let's all cross our fingers for that.

Latly, Don't forget to spend the holidays in reflection and communion with God. And of course, enjoy the rest of the summer!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moving On

As much as I would love to post happy thoughts, the past few days' experiences won't allow me to. And I strongly feel the urge to vent it all out here. I'm pretty sure the meager audience that I have (at least I believe I have) will find solace knowing that I also experience these things. But I do apologize because as I am writing this post right now, my thoughts couldn't be more jumbled. And although I know exactly what to write about, I have no idea where to start (or end for that matter). A fair warning: this will be a little wordy.

Oh well, here goes nothin'.

Most of the time, we are all given a lesson in order for us to learn and so that we would know what to do in case something like that happens again. And I just learned that lesson the hard way last Friday when I lost my wallet, with all my ID's, ATM card and half of my salary. Actually, I got disappointed with myself more than the person who stole it. I was always the complacent kind when it comes to my things and maybe it was about time I was taught to be more careful with my belongings.

And then the next day, I received the most awful news. A batchmate texted me that a good friend of ours committed suicide and died. It was really heartbreaking especially that it was unexpected of him to do such a thing. He was always the makulit one and I never thought he had that big a problem that prompted him to end his life. As much as I would like to ask why, only he knows why he did it. And I could never really judge because I will never know how and what he felt during those times.

To Dawe, I will miss you. I pray that you are now in good hands and send my regards to our father okay? :)

Whew! That took all the positive energy out of me. And it's still the first day of the week! I guess the best thing to do now is to just move on. There is nothing we can do with what has already happened but there is still so much to look forward to. Life is beautiful and we should enjoy it while we still can. There will always be trials and difficulties but as they say, God is always bigger than those problems and he will always be there when everything else fails. We just have to trust him.

And I am done ranting!haha.. I hope you all had a great weekend everyone! Let's all start this week with some positive vibes.  :)