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Face to Face: Bianca Valerio

Okaaay, I didn't really have a face to face interview with Ms. Bianca Valerio. My golly, I'd flip if I did.haha. Read along to know why I decided to use the title.

I'd like to apologize for delaying my usual Sunday Snapshot, this just cannot wait. Anyway, face to face is actually the title of her book which is already out in the bookstores right now. I first heard about Ms. Bianca in Fashion and Style Hub, where she is one of the hosts. And since then, I've been an avid fan of her. 

Let's get to know more about her, shall we?

1. Who is Bianca Valerio?
Haha! Good one! I don't know, you tell me? But last I heard Bianca Valerio’s been happily juggling these professions:
            Model (member, Professional Models Association Of the Philippines),
            TV / Live Host (F.A.S.H. Fashion And Style Hub)
Published Author (Face To Face: The Healing Power of Make-Up)
            Make-Up Artist
            Columnist, Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines Online (www.Cosmo.PH)
            Personality Development Coach (The Launch Pad Workshop Series)

2. When and how did you start getting into the world of make-up and fashion?
My mentor, Cal Carrie’s Philippines’, Joey Espino, discovered me when I was 16. However, I only got into modeling, professionally when I turned 19 and was already in college (DLSU).
His former associate, fashion director, Raymond Villanueva, on the other hand, discovered me as a host.
Having been immersed in the world of fashion, make-up and more, I decided I wanted to become a make-up artist because I wanted to do for others what other make-up artists, made me feel (however temporarily): Beautiful and good about myself, which helped me become more effective in the areas of my life.  This is really what the heart of my book is.
I took up make-up (airbrush, HD, etc.), hairstyling and portfolio development in Make-Up Designory, Los Angeles, which was recommended to me by one of my idols, Chechel Joson (a M.U.D. alumnae).

3. How do you balance everything that you do?
 It’s all about time management and sense of priorities. Since I am self-employed, I have the privilege of determining my own schedule to a certain extent. If I want to hustle, I will take on up to 5 jobs in a day. But if I wish to catch up on rest and time with my family and friends, I’ll adjust accordingly.
Admittedly, I’m a passionate workaholic! I prefer to be self-reliant so I don’t have an assistant. That way, I have no one to blame or rely on but myself in all aspects of my life. It helps keep me disciplined, focused and organized.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
Right off the bat I would say it’s coming up with and completing the book.
However, upon careful thought, I realize, “greatest” is even an understatement. The miracle in itself so far is that, I’m a survivor: that I am still here living a life I never thought possible. Now that would be the achievement by far.

5. Did you ever imagine you would come this far?
No…  no one did… not even my family. It’s all in my book ;-)

6. Do you consider yourself famous? Why or Why not?
No, not at all. But like my dad says, “everything is relative.” What is one to others isn’t the same to another.

7. If you are not who you are right now, who would you be and what would you be doing?
I can only hope I would still be alive… (It’s all in my book!)

8. Being blessed with a lot of things, what else do you want to achieve?
Oh boy, like many of us, there are just too many to cite!
But more importantly, what I really want, if and when I do get to achieve the things I’ve always wanted, I want to be still be happy and remain the Bianca that I was years back when I was just starting.
Sounds so silly but see, when one is so wrapped up in career, success and all, you can only hope they truly are at peace as all the “fluff” around them can cloud their judgment, perception of reality and distort values. This can eventually make them lose themselves in the process of achieving their dreams.
To keep yourself intact no matter how far or how low you’ve sunk is an achievement and testament of character in itself, don’t you think?

9. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Living the dream, which if I may, I’d like to keep to myself first so as not to jinx it! However, I can choose to see many things in my future but I don’t want to put full claim on them because I’d like to believe God’s got something even more amazing than I can ever come with up with! Haha! I’ve got a manager but He is the MANager with the grand plan! So we have to surrender: Let go and let God!

10. Can you tell us something we don't know about you yet?
Hmmm, if I told you then wouldn’t that be giving myself away? ;-)
You can actually learn a whole lot about the deeper side of me that no one ever expected in my  book.
People often mistake my book as purely all about make-up. NOT AT ALL!
If anything, it’s somewhat an autobiography to a certain degree intertwined with the self-help and the make-up instructional aspects. That’s why I’m proud to say that this book really is the first of its kind in the world. 
Hint: I was a victim of severe bullying for many years to the point of suicide.
It was very hard for me to share certain things print-wise because I knew it would be forever: No taking it back… But if I could help one, just one person from a state of despair, then it made reliving the past, stating my present issues and apprehensions for the future, worth sharing.

11. What is the biggest misconception about you?
              Haha, that’s easy: that I am a matapobre (elitist), snooty, clueless model! Then I always get the, “You know what, I thought you were… but…. you’re so not at all!”

               I honestly don’t mind. Only the ones who have open hearts & minds would give the time & effort to look beyond what they see or make decisions about me based on their own judgment and not what others say. Then those are the people who are worth my time, attention (and maybe even trust, later on) as well.

12. Who is your biggest inspiration now?
Cliché’ but there are actually three of them: Oprah, Ellen and my dad.

Oprah taught me to “turn my pain into wisdom….”
This is why I decided to pursue Personality Development coaching and do the book.

Ellen taught me to turn my pain into laughter.
This is why I got into hosting. I enjoy making people laugh and being a goofball. When I can see I’ve made people happy (even temporarily), it takes away from my pain. So when they say comedians are usually the saddest or really intense, serious people in real life, I can believe that.

My dad taught me to turn my nothing into something.
Being a self-made man, his values of hard work, patience, persistence and being God-fearing continue to surge my passions, fears, aspirations and more. The way my dad is a selfless and adoring husband to my mom and beyond-generous father to us kids continues to astound me. By golly, he’s made my benchmark for a husband so damn high, how am I ever going to find someone just like him???
So my solution? I’ve told my dad, “Dad, I don’t want to wait for some guy who’s just like you. Instead, I am going to be you. This is the only way I can ever honor you as my father. That way, should he come into my life or not, I’ll be okay.”
Okay so that was a bit of a tearjerker but it’s true. We cannot rely on others to fulfill our dreams or complete us. We create and fulfill them ourselves. The people who come into our lives are only meant to complement those dreams while God sanctifies them in a way we may never understand. But for as long it gives us peace and makes others happy, then believe that that is God smiling down on us.

13. Who do you look up to when it comes to fashion and beauty?
In terms of the celebrities I look to for personal style, they’re quite mixed since they all have certain facets I see present in my own style. I look to Victoria Beckham (and David, as they make an amazing fashion power couple), Dita Von Teese, Blake Lively and Gwen Stefani (I know, so random and huh?).
If I had to describe my personal style, it would have to be that of Serena Van Der Woodsen’s character in Gossip Girl or Samantha Jones of Sex & the City: Sexy-Glam.
Rather than dress “on-trend,” I primarily dress for my body type. As a curvy woman, I look to celebrities who more or less have the same body type as mine, which makes it easier for me to envision certain pieces and silhouettes on myself. Also, this helps me appreciate what I already have - my natural assets; rather than feel bad about myself just because I’m not as waif-like as Kate Moss.
 To be honest, I’m a very practical shopper. I’m not one to spend a ton on one luxury bag that’s equivalent of a child’s tuition fee. Lord, the guilt just killllsss me! Of course, respectfully: To Each His Own.
I love to thrift shop from ukay-ukay to Salvation Army to raiding random garage sales.
Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate luxury brands & all its grandeur but at the end of the day, I’ll always believe that you can look priceless on a dime well spent.

14. What is the most important lesson you've learned in this industry?
That at the end of the day, it is just work: it’s not real (the so-called glitz & glamour). So you need to learn how to separate the “fluff” from reality in order to go the distance and keep your sanity.

15. What advice can you give to the readers or your fans?
The only person who can ever stop you from pursuing your dreams is yourself. It’s NOT your bullies, enemies, haters, low grades, financial difficulties, sexuality, etc. All these, if anything, are there to test your will, faith, ingenuity & yes, even your kooky-ness, to see if you’re fearless enough to go beyond what is expected of you.
Never be ashamed of your past, no matter how sad or shameful it may be. They are responsible for helping mold you to the person you are destined to be. Sore muscles make for a beautiful, strong body so keep treading...
Lastly, if you really do want to be inspired and gain strength from the lives of others, my book, will really do just that. There are 22 beautiful completely different stories of pain, struggle and victory that almost everyone can relate to. Their stories, together with tips and tricks from what I’ve learned in the beauty and fashion industry are all there for you to enjoy with all the amazing before and after transformations!
Know that every purchase really can save lives, as I’ll be donating 100% of my royalties to the Philippine National Red Cross, Muntinlupa Chapter.

Face to Face: The Healing Power of Make-Up by Bianca S. Valerio
            Available at National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Best Sellers for only P795
            For International orders:

I never thought I would get a reply from her, as I said, I took a long shot and thank God, it all turned out well. Thank you Ms. Bianca for taking time in answering these questions despite your busy schedule.

There you go guys! I hope you learned a lot about her in this interview, like I did. I can't wait to get a copy of her book! If you want to know more about her, visit her site here:  BIANCA VALERIO. And go get yourself a copy too!



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