Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 31: The streak goes on

Today was less toxic but I wouldn't say my unlucky streak has come to an end.

I just spent the entire morning on the Internet which is what all single, 20ish female would do on a Saturday morning. Really, I'm just making an excuse to make my day sound normal. In my defense, it was sweltering hot outside that even of I had something better to do, I'd still stay indoors. The perks of having to live in a country near the equator. Yes, I still know my Science and Geography, apparently.

I was thinking I could just maybe go out for lunch with my friends but unfortunately, they had their rest day today, which means, they're also lounging indoors too lazy to go out. So I skipped lunch. And breakfast earlier too. No, I'm not on a diet or on a slow painful process of killing myself, I'm just too lazy to go out and eat on my own. Okay, I'm trying to cut on my expenses too. You know, jobless and all.

After endless Ellen youtube videos and an hour of talking my friend out of suicide (I'm gonna make a separate post on that), I finally took a shower and ran through all things I needed to do on an imaginary checklist in my head. The first thing on my checklist was to get my photos recopied. So I went to the mall where my roommate told me and to my luck, their printer broke so they can't possibly mass produce a meager picture of me. So I figured I will just move on to the next to-do task on hand. I went to my former employer to get my Certificate of Employment, which I filed last Wednesday. And to my luck again, it wasn't gonna be out until next Wednesday (which is partly my fault because I didn't ask in the first place).

So I decided to just find another store who has all their tools up and running and can possibly recopy my photos. When I found one, instead of having my photo taken, I just gave them my copy to scan, which turned out to be the worst idea ever because the picture turned out all distorted (at least that's how I see it). But I can't afford to pay anything more so it would have to do. At least one box on my checklist is done. Next thing to do was to have some of my documents photocopied, which thankfully, I didn't have a problem with. So I went home with one box unchecked on my checklist. Not bad.

P.S. I'm probably gonna be sleeping late tonight. I have a date with John Green and his fictional character, Will Grayson.

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