Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 25: Today is the day

Happy Easter everyone! I feel a little guilty that i didn't get to witness the 'sugat' today. It's a Filipino tradition every Easter that an early mass will be held (like 3 or 4 in the morning) in honor of Jesus christ's resurrection. 'Sugat' in english translation means meeting and it's like an act of meeting Jesus on the day that he has risen. I told my mom I would want to go so she would have to wake me up early. Well, she did wake me up but the problem is, I slept very late I couldn't even get my eyes to open. pfft

Since me and my sisters were not able to go to mass, we had to go in the afternoon. Typically, our village holds a mass every 4 in the afternoon. After dressing up, we went there early but to no avail. Turns out, there was no mass to be held until 6 in the afternoon and we cannot wait till then coz my boat leaves by 8. We had to go and look for a mass held downtown at the cathedral which started around 5. And then we had to hurry back home for dinner before my sister dropped me off at the port.

Yes, today is the day! My long break is over and it's finally back to the real world. I'd hate to be dramatic and all and I don't know why this keeps happening to me but the case of separation anxiety I'm experiencing right now is more than I expected. It's overpowering my will and excitement to go back to Cebu to the point that I almost didn't want to go back. I'm gonna miss my family, my sister and my nephew especially. With the number of times I've been doing this, you would've expected me to be used to it alreadybut the truth is, you don't get used to it (at least in my case), it's becoming worse every time. Ugh, I hate leaving!

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