Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 9: All Grown up

Okay, so I'm not going back to Cebu this weekend, or anytime soon. That teeny weeny document that I'm working on is playing very hard to get. I still need to wait until next Thursday to get hold of it. Which means, no beach this weekend! Kill me now. Oh no wait, my friends would gladly do that for you. Haha. Plus, my sister's birthday is coming up soon so I might have to stay a little longer for that too.

Speaking of my younger sister, she had her first Graduation Soiree today. And since we were not able to hire anyone to do her hair and make-up, we had to do it ourselves. I was tasked to do the hair so I did what I do best, BRAIDS! We didn't have any hairspray or pins, basically we didn't have nothing at all but I think it looked presentable though. And my other sister did her make-up as well, all improvised. Even so, my sister looked pretty and all grown up in her teal cocktail dress and braided hair.

Since she was gonna be home late, we had to pick her up. While waiting for her, we decided to eat at a restaurant near the venue and surprisingly, I was able to see my best friend's family eating out too, but I didn't see her around. Turns out she was running late because of schoolwork. She's been very beasy being a medical student for the past two years we barely even meet up even if I'm in town and I miss her. But I think she's doing really well in med school, I can't be any prouder.

Anyway, it's already late and I'm gonna be up early tomorrow 'coz some of my cousins are gonna be coming over from Bohol. I'm gonna leave you with a collage of the photographs we took while prepping for my sister's soiree earlier.

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