Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 16: Stuck for a While

"Wake up, it's almost 7:30!", my sister shouted like there was a fire that just broke out. This woke me up very early this morning, my eyes almost pleaded for much needed rest. And the reason for such early brouhaha was for my nephew's early dance practice at a nearby mall. Being the always ounctual person, I did everything hurriedly and when I came out of the shower, my sister and nephew were ready to go. And then they told me they had to go without me because they can't afford to wait for anymore. Great! And you just had to shook me out of bed for nothing!

Again, I did nothing fairly relevant today, I just gawked at the computer all day and prolly ate anything and everything my hands could grope for. you won't believe how much I gained in the two weeks I've stayed here at home. I almost wanted to cover all the mirrors at home just so that I can't seehow much weight I've managed to hoard. No, I don't have any eating disorders, I'm just extra watchful of my weight, there's a difference.haha

I told my dad today to get me a ticket to Cebu which will be leaving on Sunday. And then he told me he's not gonna do it since he's not allowing me to come back to Cebu just yet. He wants me to stay for the Holy Week. And I'm like, 'what the f am I gonna do here?' coupled with obligatory rolling of eyes. Looks like I'm gonna be staying here for a while, and I reiterate, against my will. Don't get me wrong, I love this place and I'm excited to spend more time with le family but I need to get a job already. I've been without compensation for almost a month and there are things I need to pay for, important thins at that.

Anyway, I gotta hit the sack early tonight, looks like I have another early wake-up call tomorrow. Aside from my nephew's dance recital, I my sister's celebrating her birthday in advance. I'll catch up with you later :0

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