Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 14: Tea over Coffee

I'm gonna make this post short since I need to wake up early tomorrow for the appointment I have with the NBI. I need to get clearance from them as a requirement for work. Ugh, I hate doing grown-up things.

My morning was just spent in the world wide web trying to update myself with other people's life through Facebook without feeling bad for myself. I guess it's true what the studies show, sometimes, Facebook (or social networking sites in general) really make you compare your life to that of your friend who is already out of the country and travelling and enjoying their life to the fullest. Sometimes it even makes you hate your job and you spend endless hours stalking that awkward geeky classmate you had in high school who now has an amazing house with a totally hot husband. It's ridiculous how social media has and is affecting our lives now to the point that we almost post every single thing that we do from brushing our teeth to wearing our socks.

Okay, I'm sorry. I think I rambled to much on that.

Anyway, later in the afternoon, I had to meet my friend Yani who is also a medical student together with Zhy. I haven't seen her in a very long time so I was pretty excited. And yes, we shred stories and experiences over milk tea. It's slowly replacing the popularity of coffee here in our city and more and more people are becoming addicted to it. We tried out this very chic place owned by a friend of our batchmate in Nursing before. We have heard rave reviews from a lot of people regarding this privy Lilliputian place just a few blocks from our school before so we just had to try it.

When we arrived, the place was packed but we managed to get a secluded spot all by ourselves. This burgeoning place has all things girly with vintage written all over it. The interiors are so randomly designed with anything cute, from little teapots to abstract paintings on each rooms. They even have rope swings situated in the patio at the back of the cafe where anyone can sit and chill. No wonder the place is packed almost every single day, I almost didn't wanna leave myself. We may even have gotten a little carried away that Yani and I talked longer than usual.

This was the secluded place we found at the back of the cafe minus the heart-shaped plates and candles.

This is too cute!

Again, she shared her struggles as a medical student and honestly, I'm a little bit jealous because I've always wanted to be a doctor and hearing her tell me what I was missing pinched me a little. But I'm very proud of her. She's one of those people who has this rare passion towards the profession that there is no room for doubt that she's gonna become a very good physician in the future. Medicine will always be my greatest frustration but seeing my friends enjoy in a what-could-have-been for me will always be a comfort in ways my heart only know of.

After all the endless chitchat, we had to sew up our conversation and head home. I dropped by the mall to buy my sister food and I surprisingly bumped into a former hospital colleague. We exchanged notes about who's who and what's what in the hospital right now. I enjoyed listening to all his stories that I wished I had more time to stay. Why is it that time seems to move faster when you are enjoying someone else's company? Why?

P.S. I'm sorry if this is too long, you know me too well, I got a little carried away.

P.S.S. All the photos I shared here are from Chingkeetea's Facebook page just because I was that lame not to take pictures. Pfft.