Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 18: I don't have a title for this

I skipped lunch today because I had to get my nails done. I know it sounds ridiculous but I cannot live with ultra fast growing bland and colorless nails for a day. I don't know if it's just me but colored fingernails always make me feel elated and gay. I know all you girls out there can relate. No? Okay then it's just me. After I got my nails done, I caught up with a friend and wontedly talked about the recent changes that are happening in our decent lives right now. Gilbert has been my constant friend since high school and we've practically known each other for almost ten years now. He's the only person of the opposite sex I can truly be honest and comfortable with to the point that I go with him shopping for men's underwear. It's awkward but fun all the same.

After catching up with him, I attended mass later in the afternoon with my family and decided to watch Hinuklog (Passion of the Christ play) right after. I was supposed to go with my sister but when she learned it would end late, she decides to bail out on me. So I told my mom I would be going alone, and then she goes like, 'Imma come with you', which means alone time with her, so in my head I'm like, "No,no,no,no,no, (probably even more no's than that)." Again, I like being with my mom, just not alone with her. I absolutely dread the questions she asks me when we're alone together. I just don't have the answers to those questions yet. But since I cannot say no to her, we went together. Luckily though, she got tired after a while and decides to go home ahead of me.

The play that I watched was really good. And you know a play is good when you get carried away by the actors. I mean the story of the passion is being presented every year so we already know the story, it's just now a matter of the presentation. They had real horses and costumes and everything was very well thought off. It evoked different kinds of emotions in me that I was not even prepared of. After the play, my sister picked me up since she was driving along the way and we went home together. We thought her son was already asleep but when we opened the door, he was there lying on his bed with a huge bump on his forehead. Apparently, he injured himself while playing. Poor, poor kid.

By the way, I'm sorry about yesterday, I know I sounded like a bratty teenager who lost her false eyelashes at boot camp. That's usually what happens when I miss a lot of people. Looking at my sister having fun with her friends made me miss my friends too. Because of diverse priorities and responsibilities, me and my friends never really have time to do sleepovers and food trips and little random things we used to enjoy before we got adulterated and eaten by worldly predilections. And now I don't wonder so much why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up. Being an adult sometimes constitutes being angry most of the time, becoming intolerant of delays and not taking time to do what's necessary instead does the shallow and superficial. It's not about being childish or immature, it's about never forgetting the kid in us who is always contented with an ice cream after falling off her bike and scraping her knees on the sidewalk.

P.S. Because I was traumatized with my previous experience getting my nails done, I tried a new one for today and it turned out really good!

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