Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 3: Home Sweet Home

Maayong Gabii (Good Evening) straight from Cagayan de Oro City! Woot Woot! I think God must've known how excited I was to be home that the ship I boarded surprisingly arrived way earlier than I expected. Plus, it didn't rain, which meant I was able to sleep and not worry about things I'm only making up in my mind. Haha.

When I'm on board, I'm always curious and a little anxious of who I'm gonna be sharing cubicles with. Well, the elusive cute guys were as always, elusive. But I did witness something just as interesting. The person who occupied the opposite bed was a male Muslim and just before the ship left, he unpacked this small carpet-like thingy that they use when they pray (I'm sorry I don't know what they call it). He positioned himself to pray just right in front me. It was a little awkward for me but he didn't seem to mind and he just went on with his prayer naturally, like he was just combing his hair. I'm always amazed with how they are so unashamed of their faith which is not very common in some Christians.

After a  while, maybe I got too caught up with my reflections that even if we haven't left Cebu yet, I was already missing it. Crap. Plus, the other two ladies on the right side of my bed can't seem to stop talking and I can't seem to stop myself from listening (to my defense, they were really loud, or maybe it was just too quiet that I couldn't help but overhear). I found out they also got acquainted with the company I just left and then I was reminded again of the people and the memories I'm going to terribly miss. Double Crap.

So anyway, my first day at home wasn't really that remarkable. I spent the morning watching my favorite TV shows, which I never get to watch when I'm away. And I played like crazy with my nephew who is even crazier and wilder and is everything synonymous to hyperactive. He's already attending school and has been showing off everything he has learned, it's amazing.

I also learned my sister's graduation soiree is up next week so we had to help her find a dress to wear. And boy did we have a hard time. You see, my sister is not your average teenager, size-wise. She is bigger than me and she's not even in high school yet. I mean, you get the picture, right? We circled every shop and we would find a dress but it was always too small, or too sparkly, or somebody already has it, etc. In the end, we only had one prospect and she wasn't even too happy about it. Pfft.

P.S. I'm hoping I get to travel outside the country this year. My sister is already busy booking stuff and all but nothing's official yet. Fingers crossed!

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