Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 6: Have you seen my boyfriend?

I'm so tired I'm probably gonna doze off anytime now. I was up and about the whole day doing errands and the heat outside is draining all of my energy out. Summer is already lurking around the corner and as much as I love it, I cannot handle the heat unless I'm in the beach or something. And since I don't have the luxury of driving my own car around the city, I had to walk and commute, and walk again under the scorching heat of the sun and the unforgiving pollution was of no help either. Ah, the perks of living in a third world country.

I had to retire in the afternoon or else I'm gonna be tanned for all the wrong reasons. I'm gonna be resuming everything by tomorrow. Hopefully, I would get a lot of things done than I did today and I pray the sun would be a little shy tomorrow. Believe me, I am not even halfway there yet and I'm planning to go back to Cebu by the end of the week since my friends and I are planning or a weekend getaway and I have to be there or else they're gonna disown me. Like, for real. Haha

I did get a very interesting question from my sister a couple of hours ago. I really have to avoid being alone with her. She asks questions I'm not really comfortable answering. She asked me why I still don't have a boyfriend until now. I'm like, how am I supposed to answer that question? Geez, I don't know, maybe he got hit by a bus on the day fate finally decided it was time we meet. Or maybe he became a priest or married somebody else because I was too late. Well, excuse my language again but I don't even fucking know. There should be like a law that inhibits people to ask those kinds of questions. That  should be illegal. Period.

Thank God I'm too tired to think tonight. I gotta get me some sleep for tomorrow's errands again. Mr. Sun, please be good to me.

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