Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 22 and 23: Holy Week Traditions

Two days more and I'm gonna be back in Cebu! I'm so excited I almost giggle at every random thing but I'm also beginning to develop symptoms of separation anxiety every minute that passes. I know it's crazy how someone can feel two opposite emotions at the same time but believe it or not, even if I've been doing this more than a dozen times already, every time I leave CDO for Cebu, my heart stops for a while to grieve. Usually, I would curl up in bed and cry a year's worth of tears. Happens all the time.

Yesterday was what they call Maundy Thursday and today is Good Friday. Most people have gone to the beach or somewhere far away for the holy week but for my family, we just spent it at home with each other. Yesterday, we all went to mass sans my older sister. I don't know why, she has some kind of immunity to these kinds of tradition that she needs no excuse to be..well..excused. We arrived in time but there were too many people, we didn't even get to find a seat. This happens to us every year and I know we should already have learned our lesson and brought over some chairs but somehow, we always forget and end up standing all throughout the duration of the mass.

For today, we had to attend the annual tradition of the Procession of the Cross. I, for one, never really follow any traditions but the family, especially my mom does so it's kind of obligatory for the rest of us. We walked for about 5 kilometers more or less (I suck at metrics) to pray and sing praises. Well technically, me and my sisters were too busy looking at the view and bickering with each other while my nephew shouted Amen every five minutes. I didn't expect it to be that long a walk, I though it was just gonna be around the corner but they just kept going. We had to stop and buy ice cream along the way. Thank God I was wearing slippers.

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