Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 2: Bored as Hell

I don't have much to share today mainly because I practically didn't do anything worth mentioning. I did pack my bags and then took a shower (or maybe it was the other way around) but that's pretty much it. I'm just killing time waiting for my trip tonight. I 'm kinda worried though 'coz it's a little too gloomy, looks like it's going to rain (I desperately hope not)and although I love a little rain at night generally but definitely not on nights when I have to board a ship (insert all negative imagery possible here).

Oh and one good news though. My favorite roommate got her application for full scholarship approved at St. Luke's Medical Center and she's going to study medicine there starting this June. How awesome is that? For those who are not familiar with the school/hospital, it's pretty awesome, I tell you. Ah, what I would give to have the same kind of opportunity. But I am very happy for her.

On another note, I'm thinking of selling the books I've collected over the years for a fairly low price. I mean, there's just like twenty of them but they're really good books. And although I figured I wouldn't be biying too much of them since I discovered ebooks (don't get me wrong, still nothing compares to them good 'ol paperback but they help me save a lot of money so yeah), I still feel a little clingy to them. I'm gonna have to decide on that soon.

I guess that's all I have for now. I'm gonna be prepping up for my trip in a while and I still have to buy my sisters some cupcakes from Sweet Little Things before I head on. Just for the record, SLT have the best cupcakes I've tasted so far (a little pricey but worth it). I'll tell you more about that sooon!

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