Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 11: Not the usual

I seriously think I just broke my coccyx (you know, that bone at the bottom of the spine also known as the 'tailbone'). I was playing with my nephew on his new go kart kind of thing early this morning and I was sitting at the back seat when I fell off while he was driving. I thought the pain would go away but it's still on until now so I'm a little worried. Or maybe it's just a bruise and I'm overreacting. God, I hope it's just a bruise.

So  today is Sunday and it's time to unwind. I stayed home and watched TV (my own version of classic entertainment). I was able to catch up with the latest episode of the iCarly Show. You guys ever heard of that show before? It's being aired on Nickelodeon so I guess probably only ten-year olds are the only ones who can relate to me now. haha. Hey, don't judge. Those shows still crack the hell out of me until now, it's way way better than cheap drama shows (at least for me).

Also, I went to mass alone late in the afternoon. I was waiting for everyone to come with me, turns out every single one of them had already gone to mass so I had no choice, I had to go alone. The homily about forgiveness was very comforting though. The priest showed us a very touching story about a father and a son on their last conversation before the dad served his death penalty. Apparently, his dad killed his mom and he was there to tell him that he had forgiven him after everything he's done. It's just a very short clip but really very touching. I really appreciated the way the priest reached out to his audience by using modern technology to incorporate with his homily instead of the usual pep talk. It makes everything interesting and it makes us see a lot of things in a different perspective, don't you think so?

Anyway, I'm gonna try to wake up early tomorrow to have a run. I repeat, I will try but I can't promise :) Good night to everyone on my side of the world, Good morning to the other side :)

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