Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 24: Grammar Junkie

My heart is grieving right now. I'm gonna be leaving for Cebu really soon and the separation anxiety is building up like crazy. I've spent the day packing my things and I also brought with me an organizer which will help me organize some of my things back in the house. I also packed some of my shoes which I left here and never really got to wear. My mom gave me a new blanket which is very snuggly and I know it's probably not a good idea since it's summer and I don't have an air conditioner at home so it will just add up to the heat of my bed but I don't care. I've practically harbored a lot of things at home to bring them over to my room in Cebu just for me to feel at home even if I'm miles away.

In the act of rummaging some things, I stumbled upon my ancient grammar book in high school. And one of the things that you probably don't know about me is that I love reading, answering, learning and relearning grammar books. Not to brag but I consider myself really good in my English classes in high school and college more than any other subjects. I liked reading literature and constructing sentences and finding out what's wrong with them. So I spent my night doing just that. And call me boring but I actually had a lot of fun. Fun is subjective they say.

Monday will be start of everything. There will be a lot of interviews and exams and scary bosses who will test me if I'm fit for the job so I have to get ready for it. I'm hoping I'm gonna get hired soon 'coz I don't have spare cash to throw away and living on my own means providing for my own so I'm really crossing my fingers for that. I'm also gonna be working on all of my documents from my previous company and I'm gonna get myself cleared before I could move on to a new one which means paying a little visit to my old workplace. It's gonna be hard and maybe a little nostalgic but I'm excited to see my friends too. I just hope I don't bump into someone I'm not supposed to.

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