Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 1: Too much going on

Excuse my language and I know this is so random but I fucking hate password resets. It took me almost an hour trying to get in two of my email accounts because I shamelessly forgot the password on each of them. Ah, such pain I went through!

So anyway, that was probably not the best way to start this post after a long breather. I'm sorry. Let me start over. Well,  I'm supposed to write about how my day went. I'm doing a self-imposition kind of thing wherein I write down what happens to me during the day (or night) for the next 365 days (and if you know me well, you'd probably roll your eyes and bet I don't even get to Day 10). I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to achieve with this but yeah, I've decided to try it anyway. Yes, I maybe a little too late on the diary thing but whatevs.haha

To start it off, my day didn't really start well. I woke up early, waaay too early. As per routine, I checked social media for anything less than boring. You might be wondering what I did last night. Uhm, I didn't do anything because finally, after too much thinking and tossing and turning, I had the courage to quit my job. But let's skip that part for the moment 'coz I don't wanna talk about it yet. So going back, because I didn't have dinner the night before, the effects came early as well, which reminded me I have to eat. So I did.

And I regretted it twenty minutes after. Blame it to the freakin' dysmennorrhea, I puked every piece of what I ate. And everything hurt. From my leg to my back, especially my back! I tell you, it is killing me. It sucks when your body finally gets you for not getting any exercise. Or sometimes, it just sucks to be a girl. Finally, I dozed off and thank God, I felt better after waking up.

Without anything better to do, I decided to clean my room, well technically my space, because I share the room with four other people. And thanks to them, I am forced to do some cleaning every now and then. And then I decided to go out after two days of self-imposed depression. Haha. I'm kidding. I just had to get my laundry and buy a ticket back home. Yes, I am coming home! I was hoping I could get a ticket for tonight's trip, turns out they didn't have any scheduled trip so I had to stall for one more night. I haven't been away that long but gahd, I miss home. I cannot wait!

If anything, I was more productive than the day before and the day before that. So I decided to treat myself to dinner at my favorite place just across the street. The pasta was a little overcooked but I didn't mind. I did at first but I decided not to make a big deal out of it. I mean, it's better than not having anything to eat at all.

P.S. This is gonna be a late post because again, I dozed off after dinner. Pfft.

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