Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 4: It's a girl!

One of my favorite moments when I'm at home is waking up every morning to the sound of my nephew's laughter, or in some unfortunate cases, hysterical tantrums (talk about waking up at the wrong side of the bed. haha). He almost always wakes up very early in the morning and he wakes everyone up just to play. And this morning was no different. Thankfully, this time, tantrums were off the window but I was greeted with a lot of shouting and pounding at my back, asking me to open my eyes and play with him. God, I am in love with this child!

So anyway, today is my friend Tiffany's baby shower so you'll probably read a lot about babies in today's post. But before that, I forgot to mention that yesterday, I had my nails done and by far, that was the worst I've ever experienced. We had one of those home service thingy and I know it's a little unsterile but it saves me a whole lot of money so I decided to go for it. She was the worst. She managed to injure at least a finger for each hand and a toe for each foot. I am so not getting her services again. I'd rather pay a lot than risk getting injured for something I can do myself.

Now going back, as I mentioned, I was gonna attend a baby shower late in the afternoon and since I didn't have any gift yet, I had to scour for one in the morning. I had to bring my sister over because I had no idea what to buy. Turns out, she wasn't a big help either. Well, she did pitch in some ideas but some of them were too pricey and some, I just plainly didn't like, Meanwhile, the ones that I did like were also either too common or too impractical. In the end, I settled for baby pillows. I know, how lame can I get? Well at least it's better than nothing!haha

I arrived a little early even if I almost got lost along the way (I am not good with directions, I tell you). And the first thing I noticed when I arrived was this:

I guess by now, you would've known what the baby's gender is. Everything was in girly colors and the cake was too cute I almost wanted to take it home. Old friends and acquaintances also managed to drop by to join in on the fun. After eating, they prepared some games and usually, I don't participate on those thing mainly because (believe it or not), I'm too shy. But this time around, I did not only join one but two of the games and although my team lost in both games (I know, such a loser!), I still had a whole lot of fun.

I never really got the chance to sit down and talk with my friend but I'm really happy for her. A little scared but happy. I did not expect she'd get pregnant at an early age (I'm sorry but 22 is still early for me. haha) but I'm very proud of how she's handling it so far. I know for a fact it's not easy but I I also know she'd make a good mom. And she's having a girl, it can't be that bad (I guess). I can't wait to be a 'ninang' soon! For now, I'm leaving you with a photo of my very pregnant friend, so pregnant I was afraid she would deliver anytime during the party. haha

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