Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 10: Moving On

I guess it's true what they say, the more you stop yourself from doing something, you eventually end up doing it anyway, though not always but almost all of the time. Remember I told you a couple of nights ago regarding the email I received from someone and how I was torn whether I should respond or not? After almost a week of restraining myself, well, I finally succumbed and hit that reply button. I hated myself for it doing but I realized that it felt good. Although I have all the reasons to give out a bitter retort, I didn't. Instead, I wished him well and I do hope when we see each other again, I would already have moved on.

I'm not really comfortable talking about it but just to shed light on the issue, he was a former colleague. I met him when I was just starting out in the company and he was one of those people who helped me figure things out in the office. Eventually, I liked him and he liked me but there is just one problem, he's already committed to someone else. And I couldn't seem to get past that. I tried to get away from him as much as I can but I end up missing him a lot so it never really worked out well. So yeah, that was the short version of it. It kinda' sucks but it's fine. I really do wish him well and I hope everything works out for him.

Anyway, my cousins are finally here. It's always fun having relatives around and even one of them got along well with my nephew. Unfortunately, they had to go back by sundown so the fun was shortlived. They're gonna be back by May though with all the other cousins from abroad who haven't been home in a while so I'm getting psyched out. We have already planned out where we're going to go next and I can't wait!

Also, it's my younger sister's graduation today. My parents were the only ones who attended since we had to take care of other things but I did caught up with them after the ceremonies were over. I was planning to meet them inside the university but unfortunately, I was not allowed to get in because I did not pass the dress code. I just got a little infuriated with the security guard who held me up.  Before I got in, I specifically asked if I needed an ID to get in but she cut off and told me condescendingly that I cannot get in because of what I was wearing. That wasn't even my question at all and she could at least tell me nicely. I had to slip in a snide remark and leave before I lose my temper with her.

i finally decided to stay at McDonald's and wait for them there. I had to wait longer than expected because the ceremony did not end on time. When the ceremonies were finally over, we decided to celebrate at a local restaurant near the house because it was getting late and we were all tired. I had a couple of drinks with my dad which surprised him a bit since he hasn't seen me drink before. It's refreshing how when you're older, you don't need to ask permission for everything that you do. Parents tend to be more lenient and they understand that you're already getting older and is already capable of making your own decisions. After a while, we decided to head home and call it a night.

P.S. I'm posting this late since I didn't have time to write last night. I was too tired to even lift a finger.haha

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