Thursday, January 24, 2013

For now

It’s been such a long time since I've been in a relationship. I mean like a real and matured, no-nonsense kind of relationship. I have enjoyed single-hood so much to the point that I think being with someone could be considered a curse. I was made to believe that the prince charming everybody talked about in fairy tales were just mere fantasies of these poor damsels in distress in an attempt to make their lives better. And the happily ever after at the end of the book was not really the end after  all. Somewhere along the history somebody ripped the book apart and the real ending was prince charming leaving Cinderella for a filthy rich cougar or the  princess who kissed the frog got some sort of incurable disease and lives her life wishing she hadn't. That would be more realistic, wouldn't it?

So a lot of you might think how I say all of these things just because I don’t have the necessary experience to back it up. To my defense though, not being in a relationship gives me the advantage of learning from other  people’s  mistakes. I get to look at a relationship in a non-biased way, whereas people in it tend to believe there’s only one side to the story, which obviously for them is theirs. I get to understand and listen to both parties involved with a clear logic compared to the ones in the relationship who are almost always drowning themselves with emotions, forgetting they also have to use their brains in the process.

I’m not saying this makes me better than anyone else. I still am inexperienced and naive and maybe a little too cautious when it comes to commitment. I have been the constant go-to person of my friends who've been in and out of love and my shoulders have been cried on by too many broken hearts. I've heard every side of the story and my mouth has become too sore for the words ‘I told you so’. Sleepless nights have been spent with friends watching movies about love while eating a gallon of ice cream and bursting out in tears just when Jack said those final words to Rose. And the cycle starts all over again.

As I said, it’s been too long since my last relationship. But the time will come when I will finally decide to let all of my guards down and make a total fool of myself. And maybe, just maybe, you'll get to see me crawling in your doorstep with a broken heart waiting for you to tell me, ‘I told you so'. And while your shoulders are slowly becoming numb and wet of tears, you hand me your laptop and with all the smile you can muster, you have me read this. Over and over again. 

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