Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 113: Guilty

And I'm still in Cebu.

I was supposed to leave for CDO tonight but the pay I was waiting for was a no show so I was forced to move my trip for tomorrow. And I have never felt so guilty because I'm not only gonna go MIA on my dad's birthday but I also told a white lie behind the reason why I was not going home tonight. Let's just say, I told my mom a different story because I know she'd flip out knowing I didn't really save anything during the past year I was working. Well, she didn't have to know that and I wouldn't want her stressing out in giving me a lecture on saving money and all that. But I'm still a little bothered about it though. And I'm slowly hating my sister for being such a tell-all.

I'm also hoping the tropical depression will not affect my trip especially that I'll be on a boat and I imagine all sorts of things not worth imagining all the time. I don't know, everytime I have a scheduled trip, there's always a storm coming and I always get stressed out. Please help me pray for a safe trip tomorrow and for the next few days. Anyway, I will not be making this long. I'm pretty tired too so I'll be hitting the sack soon. Are you having any plans for this weekend?

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