Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 111: Late notice

We're leaving for HongKong in less than a week and we have no hotel reservations yet. My sister and I are now panicking because she just recently decided not to avail of travel agencies and just do the tour all by ourselves. That's what I've been telling her before but she didn't wanna hear me out so now we have no idea where we're going to stay. There's this hotel that I found on the internet which offers really low room rates and is very accessible for transportation but I'm not really so sure if our request for a reservation would be accomodated since it's already on a late notice.

Anyway, my day wasn't really that good. There were a lot of irate callers and I'm already dreading my scores for tomorrow. I'm just hoping for a miracle now. And speaking of work, I'd say it's pretty good to have an inspiration when you're in the office. The guy I've been telling you about has been really lighting up my mornings and honestly, I so wanted to talk to him and get to know him but I just can't! I know, I'm pathetic like that.

On another note, I'll be leaving for Cagayan de Oro on Friday by boat. I've decided it's better if I travel with my sister to Manila so she wouldn't have such a hard time bringing Gab along. And besides, it's my dad's birthday this Saturday and I wanted to celebrate with him as well. Looks like I'm gonna be missing my team's very first outing which I really wanted to go to but considering the circumstances, I think I've made the right decision.

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