Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 87 and 88: Shoulda, woulda, coulda

Weekend is almost over, just like that! But nevertheless, I had fun spending the last two days with the people I've never seen in a while. You know when you're in a different city and almost everyone you meet is a stranger, it's always refreshing to be able to see a familiar face every now and then.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my cousin who came from UK and another one from Bohol who's here to take the Nursing Licensure Exam. It's been a while since we saw each other and being all girls, we almost never run out of things to say. We talked about relationships, careers and plans for our future. I actually found it weird that we're talking about all these mature stuff since we almost never do so especially when we were younger (duh?!). After lunch, I went home early since I wanted to catch up on my reading. I'm almost halfway reading Eat, Pray, Love and I'm finding India and the religious part a little boring compared to Italy but I'm learning a lot from it. I just hope I'll finish reading it 'coz I can't wait to read and uncover the brilliance that is Murakami.

For today, I also met with a previous colleague and a very good friend of mine who's here to attend some Nursing related training. We did a lot of catching up and she updated me with who's dating who and what's everyone from my hometown been up to. Our conversation about the different careers we've decided to partake has led me to think about a lot of what-ifs. Having decided to not practice my profession has not been easy for me and looking at this friends of mine who's doing really well made me question my decision. I could've been a really good Operating Room nurse by now and I would've gotten the experience necessary for me to go abroad. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

This weekend has led me to a lot of thinking about the future and I'm getting scared of its uncertainty. I'm just hoping against hope this will not keep me awake all night.

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