Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 105 to 107: Weekender

I have so many things to tell you, I'm not even sure where and how to start. I know I went MIA for a couple of days, I have all the valid reasons why and mostly because of exhaustion and burnout from work. And I would like to apologize in advance because I might miss sharing some important things that could've happened in the past three days. I honestly can barely remember anything.

So let's start with Thursday, which is at the same time, our payday. All I can remember was that I came home late because I decided to go to the gym with a friend thereby forfeiting my plotted overtime (which I got reprimanded on, the day after). By Friday, I was more than excited to end the week but found out later on that I was scheduled an overtime, for the second time now, against my will. I was left with no choice but to render and at the end of the shift, I resorted to binge eating to get rid of stress and burnout, which also explains why I got home late and made love to the bed right after getting home. And by the way, before I forgot, my debit card got captured by the ATM machine after using it because I forgot to get the card on time. I had to wait until Saturday since the bank was already closed.

Now, today was a very good day to me. Still, I had to render my pre-plotted overtime early in the morning but little did I know that today is also the same day I'll find my inspiration at work. Well, technically, I already saw him before but today, I finally got to have an interaction with him and I felt all those caterpillars are slowly becoming butterflies in my stomach again. I'll spare you all those high school-ish whatever but this is definitely not the end of it. Anyway, after my shift, I had to wait for two hours more to get my debit card, got myself a take-out and went home directly. I stayed for a while and by three pm, I got myself ready for a massage together with my friends. I personally thought I paid too much moeny for the massage but I guess I really needed it after all. When I finally got home, I treated myself to an ice cold beer to finally end the night.

P.S. My sister's husband will not be going with us to Disneyland anymore because of a conflict with his schedule. So it's only gonna be me, my sister and Gab. Good Luck to us.haha

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