Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 98: Outlier

I'm dreading tomorrow. I'm dreading tomorrow. I'm dreading tomorrow.

I know we're not supposed to worry about the future and that worry is just a negative and useless energy BUUUUUT I cannot freakin' help it! I had the worst calls today and I'm pretty sure (and I hope I'm wrong) that I will get a very low score by tomorrow. I'm even on the verge of quitting just because I hate the feeling that I'm pulling our team down because of my stats. Being an outlier is a poisoned apple to a competitive person (at least that is how it is for me) I wish everything was just as easy as 1-2-3.

Anyway, I'm not gonna make this long because I'm really beat up and my entire being is gonna crash soon. One good news though is that I was able to go to gym today. I didn't render any OT so I was able to visit the gym after work. Tomorrow is gonna be another day and I hope I get to do better in my calls.

P.S. 17 days to go until HK!!!

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