Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 97: Setting Standards

The past two days have been awfully busy for me, one of the reasons why I wasn't able to write anything. And when I come to think about it, I'm the only one inflicting this kind of stress on myself. If you haven't guessed it yet then I wouldn't make it any harder for you. I have been renderring an hour post shift overtime at work for the laat two days now and my stress level is already too high I'm afraid I might fall and shatter all that's left in me. Okay, okay, that was a little too dramatic but you get my point. If I didn't need the money, I wouldn't be slaving myself for this.

And you know what's worse? I haven't been very healthy anymore. I've gone back to my old habits of not eating anything for breakfast and then drowning myself with unhealthy food by dinner. I haven't done any exercise for almost a week now and because I go home late, I'm forced to commute instead of walking my way home. I can feel all the pounds I've lost for the last couple of weeks adding up again. Oh well, we all gotta sacrifice one thing in favor of the other. And for now, my priority (as shallow as it sounds) is money so I'll have to stick with it for now.

Anyway, on a totally different topic, I've been thinking a lot about relationships for the past couple of days. It's nothing out of the ordinary but I've been learning bits and pieces from my colleagues at work about their experiences and I would have to say, before this day ends, we should always know and keep in mind what we deserve. It's not wise to rush into things and settle for something less than what you should be getting. We only live once and we can't live that life wasted on relationships which doesn't do us any good in the first place, don't you think? As what a famous actress said on her wedding day, "You can set your standards high and trust God will give you that standard". I couldn't agree more.

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