Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 94 and 95: Back to School

I just woke up from an hour sleep and I'm feeling all refreshed. But when I think about it, this is probably not the best idea because that would mean having a hard time sleeping early later tonight which I have to because of work tomorrow morning. I was not planning to doze off though but the weather was so insistent and my eyes were uncooperative, what can I do? Anyeay, no point arguing about what's already done so let's go through what happened this weekend. Or more aptly so, what did NOT happen this weekend.haha

For one, I did not have any progress reading any of Murakami's books. I started off with Norwegian Wood but then a friend of mine suggested Kafka On The Shore which I've only started reading a few minutes before I dozed off earlier this afternoon. I don't know, the story started off a little gloomy, or maybe I'm just not that in the mood for reading so I may have to put it off until next week.

I also have been MIA in my Saturday morning jog for the past two weeks. Last week I had no excuse though, just plain laziness. But for this week, I mean c'mon, how can I possibly jog when it's drizzling outside? You wouldn't want me getting a cold or anything, would you? Let's all hope the weather will be better next weekend, although I'm perfectly in my element when the weather's like this. Am I contradicting myself? But hey, you have to admit this is so much better than the scorching and unbelievably unforgiving heat summer brought, right?

Speaking of summer enders, classes resume by Monday so a lot of students and all of my roommates are already back from home. It's a completely different setting from three months of quiet environment but it's all good. At least it's not as lonely anymore. I just hope it wont get too rowdy. All in all though, it was a totally chill and lazy weekend for me. What about you?

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