Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 99: Drama Queen

I don't know how to start this post. I have been paralyzed with different kinds of negative emotions from watching a local drama series which I have been an avid follower of for a long time now. I know it's weird how I get so affected with this kind of stuff but I really can't help it sometimes. And being of the feminine side, it doesn't take me a hard beating to get emotional, it's like one of our hidden superpowers with which we have a love-hate relationship every now and then.

Aside from that, I have been very stressed lately because of work. I renderred overtime again after shift and tomorrow, I have to wake up early because my shift starts at 6 in the morning. Who would have thought I would get enticed with the incentives for getting an overtime on my rest day instead of actually 'resting'. If not for my my trip, I wouldn't give into it but for now, I have to.

On another note, if you remember my post yesterday, I was dreading going to work today because of the possibility of getting a very low score. It turns out all of my worries were futile because my scores were not that bad. I even received a Starbucks gift certificate because I did well last Monday. It's not much but it's a really good thing to be appreciated for all the efforts I've exerted. I just hope this will all work out in the end.

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