Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 112: G-R-R-R!

Three more days and I'm outta here! Woot! And yes, we already have a place to stay in when we get to HongKong. Now, it's all about planning where to go and how to get there. My sister and I are not really good with directions so there's a huge porobability we'll get lost one way or another but I'll take my chances. I personally think that it's better like this (I mean, not relying on an agency) because aside from the fact that we own our own time, we will be able to explore Hongkong better. As they say, you will never learn the tradition and culture of others unless you immerse yourself with their everyday activities. Am I right?

Anyway, work was pretty much the same today. There weren't too many calls so it was pretty relaxing in a way. What stressed me the most was what happened after work. I went home immediately once I got out of the office and when I got home, my roommate was already there and she wanted to go to the mall near our office because she was craving for something sweet. I was silently hoping I'll see my crush once we pass by the office and lo and behold, there he was outside, waiting for someone. We purposefully got out of our way to pass by him and I smiled but I seriously think I looked like a retard because it was like a half smile and a half weird look that I get when I'm nervous.

And for the record, he didn't smile back at all and it broke my heart. I guess I'll be avoiding him all day tomorrow. Ugh, if you only saw how flustered I was, you would've thought I'd pass out any minute. I've never been so good at hiding my feelings which made it even worse. Thank God I'll be on leave next week so I won't have to see him for a while. I think the butterflies in my stomach just turned into bees and swarmed me with humiliation. Ugh!

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