Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 104: Travel with me?

Finally, I was able to wake up early today without going through the hassle of debating with myself whether I should get up or not. I guess I'm pretty excited. It's approximately ten days more before my trip and I'm just itching to get on a plane away from all these stress. I haven't been anywhere to spend my summer so hopefully this will make up for it.

Also, almost everyone at work has been planning to go out of town next weekend. As much as I would want to go, I'm afraid I would have to pass for now. I wanna save up for my trip as much as possible. But, once I get back, I might go to Dumaguete and visit the place since a friend of mine happens to have connections there. I've been wanting to go to that place for a long time now and I can't say no to it. I know I've been planning to resign but with all these traveling I have yet to accomplish, looks like I may have to stay a bit longer.

I'm just hoping the weather would cooperate with all of my travel plans for this month. Rain has been a constant visitor for almost two weeks now and the weather is more bipolar than ever. I was also planning to visit Vietnam by the end of the year but it has been pushed aside for now because one of my friends who's coming with me can't go out of the country until March of next year. Anyway, Vietnam can wait.

Do you have any travel plans for this year too?

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