Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 80 and 81: Eat, Pray, Love

My weekend is almost drawing to a close and another week of hustling will commence. This will be my last week in Nesting which means last chance for me to pull my scores up. But I will worry about that tomorrow, it's still technically my rest day so there's no use worrying about something I can do nothing about for now.

The past two days were spent in the four corners of my room in the company of my phone and tablet, alternating my activities between playing Candy Crush Saga (that game is so damn addicting!) and reading Eat, Pray, Love, with occassional mandatory Facebook updates. My roommate went home for a while which means no movie marathon for (if you must know, I'm only borrowing her laptop since my tablet does not support movie streaming and it really sucks big time). I did my usual Saturday run early in the morning followed by laundry afterwards, cleaned up my room a little and then the rest I spent bumming around.

I was supposed to watch the sixth installment of The Fast and Furious but I had no one to go with and I needed to save my money. I still have to pay my sister for the tickets to Hongkong she bought a month ago, plus that trip is a little more than a month away and I have to think about my expenses when I get there. I told my sister it would be much better if we didn't hire a travel agency so we could go around wherever and whenever we want to but she didn't wanna risk the hassle of adventure since we're bringing a toddler along with us.

My Sunday was no different than the day before. I continued reading the novel, which fueled my excitement for travel once again. If only I had a job that would allow me to travel anytime I want without having to worry too much about expenses, I would never think twice about touring the world. But since I don't, I'll take it one step at a time and I'm gonna start with Hongkong next month. I.CANNOT.WAIT!

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