Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 72: Friday fever

I was late than usual in going to work today because of the pouring rain. The weather here in Cebu is nothing short of bipolar to the point that it's extremely hot and sunny during the day and rain pours heavily at night until the wee hours of the morning. I was already thinking of skipping my daily morning walk and commute instead when the rain suddenly stopped as I was going out of the house. Thank God! Anyway, it's Friday once again and almost everyone in the office are prematurely feeling the rest day mood, including me. I can't wait to chill and read my abandoned books for the weekend. I know how that sounds to some of you, BOOOORING. But hey, we all have our own dose of pick-me-uppers so leave me and my books alone!haha And because of the Friday fever, I didn't mind too much that I have very low metrics at work. I could whine all day about that but that'll just ruin my mood so I chose to put it aside and I'll face it on Monday. The team has been consistently doing good for the past two days and I feel like I'm bringing them down. I guess I'll have to double my efforts by next week then. Ugh, work! I'm already dreading Monday!

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