Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 58: See through me

Thank God it's Friday! It's the last day of work for the week and I can finally take a rest. Plus, it's payday today! It doesn't get better than that.

So, let's go over what I did today. Or more specifically, what I wore today. Having most of my clothes for laundry, the only decent clothing left was a marroon shirt with scattered hearts all over it, which turned out not that decent at all. Of course I know the shirt was see-through but I didn't realize it was that revealing. Good thing I was wearing a black bra under it. I got really conscious when my teammates started noticing and teasing me about it but I just decided to go with it and tried my hardest to ignore all the stares.

There was not much left to discuss at work today since we finished the module earlier than expected. We just listened to some of our calls in the morning which stressed me a little coz I hate listening to my calls, much more with other people. Fortunately, my name didn't get called so that was a breather. After the first break, our trainor had us practice for our presentation on Monday's graduation. The group decided to have a variety of performances so it took us a while to piece all of it together. Anyway, it's just gonna be for fun so I hope everyone will have as much fun as we do.

For lunch, we decided to eat out as a team. There were a lot of debate on where to eat but in the end, we decided to go for Casa Verde. The place is famous for their baby back ribs so most of teammates decided to try it out. And since I was determined to stick with my diet, I went for their Watermelon Salad which was really delicious. It was paired with a Clubhouse Sandwhich which I ended up taking out because I was too full by the time I finished the salad.

After lunch, we just continued practicing and we also had side by side call listening with the tenured agents on the floor. Some of my teammates wanted to have a drink after work and they wanted me to come with them but I politely declined since I'm not really up for it. And to my defense, the place was really far away from where I live so I had to pass and went straight home. I remembered I made a promise to my roommate that I'll treat her once I get my first pay so I decided to treat her for dinner at my favorite place just across the street. I just had soup while I had her try their Seafood Marinara whilst sharing stories about our individual lives. It's always nice knowing something new about people you thought you already knew.

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