Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 64-68: Five day hiatus

With my five day hiatus, I almost don't know where to start. So much has happened in the past couple of days that I haven't been able to keep up with the writing. I'll try to remember every bit of it as much as I can to share with you. Let's start with Thursday, shall we?

Day 64: Thursday -As per usual, the day started out fine, still walked myself on my way to work. We took calls in the morning and by lunch, the score from yesterday's calls were already posted. Aaand, I still had a very low score. I wanted to cry from embarrassment but I know better than that. Yes, I'm very disappointed but I can't let that go through me or else I'll be quitting my job in no time. After work, we had to skip gyn since we had a team dinner at Mr. A, a restaurant way uphill giving you a view of the whole city. Location was good and the food was average but not cost-wise for big groups like us because their serving is not that big. After dinner, we all went home and I went straight to bed for the next day's duty.

Day 65: Friday -By now, I'm already too excited to go home to CDO. Elections are coming up on Sunday and some of us were allowed a day for us to be able to exercise our rigt to suffrage which means a very long weekend for me! I'm planning to travel by sea a few hours after work so that I'll arrive early Saturday morning. However, most of the trips were already fully booked so my sister had to purchase airline tickets at the last minute which will be leaving early Saturday morning. After work, I had my tickets printed out and bought my sister's favorite cake as pasalubong.

Day 66: Saturday -I woke up extremely early today for my 5 am flight. It's been raining really hard and I was a bit worried that my flight will be cancelled but just after I left the house on the way to the airport, the rain stopped for good. I arrived around 6 in the morning and itwas probavly one of the best trips I've had so far. I was able to witness the sun rise and since it was also raining a bit in Cdo, I saw the tiniest hint of rainbow which was really nice. We arrived ahead of time so I had to wait for my sister to pick me up. We were planning to go to Camiguin Island but due to financial constraints, we went for other options instead.

Day 67: Sunday -Today is Mother's day and I was the earliest to wake up to greet my mom. We left for Dahilayan Adventure Park shortly after. When we arrived, the rain poured like there was no tomorrow. We decided to have lunch while waiting but even after we finished, the rain was still pouring heavily so we agreed to just leave and visit some other time. A couple of kilometers after, the rain stopped and we had to go back to the park again. We tried on the luge which was really thrilling and fun. After the ride, the rain poured hard again and we really wanted to play golf so we did so even with the heavy downpour. And mind you, it was ten times more fun having done that, even if we had to go home soaking wet. And since it was Mother's fay, I treated my mom and all the others for dinner at oir go-to restaurant. It was a bit crowded but still, nothing beats their food and customer service.

Day 68: Monday -After a couple of weeks wanting to go to the beach, I was finally able to do so today. We had to leave after lunch because of some prior engagements but we still had a lot of fun. Nothing beats the feel of sand on my feet undercthe scorching heat of the sun. We stayed their for a couple of hours and had to leave before sundown because my nephew accidentally scraped his feet pretty bad and also my flight back to Cebu leaves by 8 in the evening. When we got to the city, the rain was so heavy I got worried my flight would get cancelled. Thankfully it didn't however it was delayed by a couple of minutes and I arrived in Cebu really late already. And I had to sleep early for the next day's shift.

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