Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 57: Healthy Living

I was so early at work today that I didn't have to rush eating my breakfast. Only thing was, I had the worst breakfast food ever. I don't want to get into details, let's just leave it at that.

So anyway, we had our last embedding today so it was a little stressful. The calls that I got were a little bit overwhelming and most of the queries were new to me so I didn't really have the proper resolution. I even had one customer hang up on me because I took too long putting him on hold just for a very simple inquiry. But if there's one thing that I learned before, it is to never be hard on myself. I'm still starting out so it's just natural that I don't know everything yet. It's hard especially when I'm used to knowing what to do at the onset of the call but now I'm relearning everything over again. I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it in a couple of months.

On another note, I've been altering my diet for the past couple of days now. I've decided to eat proper breakfast, no rice for lunch and dinner will just be light. Surprisingly, I'm able to follow it religiously for three straight days now. I'm also gonna be trying out going to the gym soon. We have it for free in the office so might as well take advantage of it while I still can. I'm gearing up for a healthy living so I hope I'm able to keep up with it. Also, I'm planning to go back home again this month since my cousins are around but I still have to check my schedule though. I just hope all plans will push through this month. Can't wait for July!

P.S. I'm having a little crush with one of my teammates. But let's just sshhh about it for now. Haha. :)

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